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Thank you for being a member of the ASPCA Founder's Society. The ASPCA works every day to save animals' lives, and we could not do it without your generosity. Each contribution to the ASPCA means aid for homeless, neglected and abused animals all over the United States. Your continued support as a Founder's Society member truly makes a difference. Have a question? You can email [email protected] or call 866-319-7870.

September Founders Briefing

September Founders Briefing

A Conversation with Kim Bressant-Kibwe
Join us on Wednesday, September 30th for our second members-only conference call with Kim Bressant-Kibwe, ASPCA® Counsel, Trusts & Estates and Planned Giving. As a responsible pet parent, it’s important to think about who would care for your pet in the event you are unable to do so for any reason, including illness or even death, and to implement a plan to prevent your pet from ending up with an uncertain future.

For more information, visit the Planning for Your Pet's Future section of our site

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Everyone has a special reason for supporting the ASPCA, and we want to hear yours. To submit your story, please email your story, name, and a photograph of your pet to: [email protected].

Manuel and Angela with their dogs Sadie and Dantley

Manuel and Angela Norse
Lifelong animal lovers Manuel and Angela Norse have five pets: cats Nikki, Bell and Amber, and dogs Sadie and Dantley. But their compassion doesn’t end there—in fact, they have included the ASPCA in their “triple crown” estate plan: We are beneficiaries of their retirement plan, investment accounts and have been included in their wills. “We so appreciate all the work the ASPCA does for America’s pets that we feel the gift of our retirement money is the least we can do,” said Manuel. We are incredibly grateful for such caring donors!


The Results Are In: Meet the 2016 ASPCA Calendar Cover Pet

2016 ASPCA Calendar Cover Pet Dharma

This year’s Calendar Cover Pet contest came down to a real “photo finish!” Thanks to nearly 25,000 votes from animal-lovers nationwide, we now know which adorable adopted companion will be gracing the cover of our 2016 calendar: Dharma the pit bull!

Dharma was found on a roadside with a prolapsed uterus, having just given birth. The puppies were not there and she had clearly been abused. After her rescue and adoption, Dharma proved to be a perfect pet who enjoys road trips, hiking and being a loving, loyal companion.

Thanks to everyone who voted. Together, we can ensure that adopted animals are celebrated 365 days a year.

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