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U.S. Senate Committee to Horse Slaughterers: You're Not Welcome Here

Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 4:15pm
U.S. Senate Committee to Horse Slaughterers: You're Not Welcome Here

Wonderful news for horses: Earlier today, May 22, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee approved an anti-horse slaughter amendment to the 2015 Agriculture Appropriations bill by a vote of 18-12. The Landrieu-Graham Amendment, introduced by Senators Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), would continue to keep would-be horse slaughterers at bay by prohibiting the use of federal tax dollars to inspect their facilities. The current ban is set to expire in September and must be renewed by Congress in order to continue to protect our nation’s horses.

“There is no place for the brutal and uncivilized practice of horse slaughter in the United States,” said Senator Landrieu. “Our nation’s values are reflected in what we choose to fund in our annual budget. Today’s bipartisan vote to defund domestic horse slaughter shows this is not a Democratic or a Republican issue—it is an issue that 80 percent of the American people agree on. Brutal slaughter is never the answer, and I will continue to push for a ban to be signed into law.”

The majority of horses killed for human consumption are young, healthy animals who could otherwise go on to lead productive lives with loving owners. What’s more, meat from American horses is unsafe for human consumption; horses are not raised as food animals, and they’re often given medications and other substances that are toxic to people.

“There is no such thing as a commercial horse slaughter plant that doesn’t inflict cruelty on horses,” says Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of ASPCA Government Relations. “Using taxpayer dollars to fund this abhorrent industry is irresponsible and wasteful. We are thankful to Senators Landrieu and Graham for their strong leadership in advocating to protect our nation’s revered equines.”

We thank the Senate Appropriations Committee for passing this amendment, and Senators Mary Landrieu and Lindsey Graham for their hard work and leadership on this issue.

While banning inspections protects our communities from the devastating impact of horse slaughter, it does not prevent the transport of approximately 150,000 U.S. horses for slaughter across our borders to Canada and Mexico each year. Please visit the Advocacy Center to tell Congress to keep up its momentum on protecting horses and pass the SAFE Act to stop horse slaughter for good!


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what your not saying is how horses are sold at auctions and sent to Canada and mexicoand stabbed to death and treated so so horribly and inhumane before being eaten. so what is the good news? I have sent money to you peta and the hsus. I have been learning how you three are liars and are killing animals. I will no longer support any of you . you make me sick


Actually it says right at the end of the article that this law does not protect 150,000 horses from being exported each year. It then asks you to sign a petition supporting the end to transporting as well. You should read what you are commenting on.....


What it also does not state is how there is such an overabundance of horses that they are being dumped in National Forests, farming communities and the wild where they are left to starve to death. A band of wild horses will not take in a domesticated horse, and a domesticated horse cannot live on its own.

Also, the terrifying trips these horses are forced into taking over our borders. The TRUE kindness would be more slaughterhouses as to eliminate the long tortuous trips. If the Europeans and Asian countries want to eat horsemeat - let them.


No. You are just simply wrong. First of all Horse slaughter creates a "surplus" of horses by encouraging people and big corporations like AQHA (AQHA is pro horse slaughter by the way....and it just so happens that approximately 70% of horses being exported for slaughter are healthy, fat, registered quarter horses, between the ages of 2 and 5 years old) to over breed because they know that the "leftover" horses that did not originally sell for big bucks can still be sold for meat prices. If there was no way to make a buck off of there "mistakes" they would have to stop breeding so recklessly, or they would start to lose money.

Suzanne Moore

No wonder you don't use your name. I wouldn't either if I were spouting old pro-slaughter propaganda that was completely disproved long ago. No horses were EVER dumped in ANY National Forest or on anyone's land. NEVER.

It is true however that horses by the thousands that were rejected by the Mexican horse slaughter plants were dumped and left in the desert southwest by the kill buyers who brought them there.

The transport within the US was just as bad and frequently just as long. This I saw with my own eyes since I had the misfortune to live less than 50 miles from BOTH the Texas horse slaughter plants.

Check it out, know-nothing troll.

Billie Sadler

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