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Slideshow: Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 12:00pm
Slideshow: Dogs Rescued from Fighting Ring

Earlier this year, the ASPCA assisted in a three-state dog fighting bust alongside the FBI, Missouri Highway Patrol and several other agencies.

When we found these dogs, many were doomed to live their whole lives tethered by heavy chains—and on the day of the raid, many were left outside to suffer through a blizzard.

Today, after months under the care of our behaviorists, veterinarians and tireless responders, dogs rescued from this raid are thriving. In fact, some have already headed to rescue for adoption! Still others remain in our care.

We wanted to show you some of these dogs’ happy faces and thank you for helping us make their rescue possible. We couldn’t have taken on this massive operation without your help!


Slideshow: Amazing Transformation of Dog Fighting Victims

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I agree with you! I have read the same thing on both organizations as a matter of fact, and now I am left confused on who to be able to support when it comes to innocent animals? What organization would you recommend to donate to?


The ASPCA is the best organization for saving animals. I have been a member for years and they have never disappointed me, please support them.


PETA is for-profit. Please be careful trusting for-profit institutions with the health and livelihood of others, doubly so if those others are animals.


WRONG WRONG WRONG.. WHY DO YOU LIE ABOUT SUCH A THING! PETA IS A 501c3, thus you can take your donations off of your taxes. FOR PROFITS do not allow for such a thing!


PETA does destroy animals faster than the humane society. Do your research.


Peta kills most of the dogs they take in, don not even bother to try to rehome..ASPCA is the BEST


This exact thing was just in the news a week or so ago. PETA is not what most people think. They practice what they accuse others of doing. They are more than awful. I wouldn't support them ever!

Sharry Niedfeldt

I don't which of you dumb asses are lieing but I am a contributer to ASPAC and I don't believe for a minute that either one of these organizations would basically "kill " any of these precios animals tell you what give me both of their phone numbers and I will take care of this right now


PETA as any animal rescue euthanize when absolutely necessary. They are in the business of saving animals, not killing them. Those that take an animal and do not honor their commitment to love and care for it are killing these animals.


You cannot believe anything like that about PETA either. We are vegetarians and Vegans. Do you really believe we would gas a dog or any animals?? Hello, you are buying into the saboteur of Multi-billion corporations doing this. They say PETA eat veal at their conferences. They say PETA wants all the dogs released from owners and should run free. Do you really, really believe that?