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ASPCA Happy Tails: Blue’s Story

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 9:30am
ASPCA Happy Tails: Blue’s Story

When Vivian adopted Blue from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA), she knew nothing of the horrors the nine-month-old pup had endured at the hands of dog fighters. One of 77 dogs rescued in a multi-state dog fighting raid in March 2013, Blue was chained to a stake in the ground, exposed and shivering in blizzard-like conditions, when the ASPCA rescued him. For today’s special video Happy Tail, we traveled to Tucson to catch up with Vivian and Blue.

Vivian W. grew up in New York with all kinds of pets: cats, birds, even rodents. But she never had a dog. When she moved to Arizona last year, she decided that pit bull adoption was at the top of her priority list. On her second day in Tucson, she adopted Blue.

“It was love at first sight,” says Vivian, recalling the moment she met Blue. After spotting his picture online, she was drawn to his striking blue eye (for which he is named), but knew nothing of his past. As she later came to learn, Blue was rescued by the ASPCA in a massive dog fighting raid. He was emaciated and weighed just 30 pounds when he first arrived at the shelter.

After his adoption, Blue settled in with Vivian quickly. He now devotes his time to the finer things in life: “He loves people, as well as car rides and his rope toy—that’s his favorite,” says Vivian. He is never far from her side, especially when she’s sleeping or cooking, and has even taken a liking to olives, which grow on the many trees that dot their property.

“He seems to have forgotten about everything that happened, which is more than we can really ask for,” she adds.

Blue’s happiness is a testament to his resilient spirit. In many ways, he represents the thousands of dogs who have been rescued from abuse and who refuse to be defined by their traumatic past. Blue never gave up, just as we will never give up our commitment to ending dog fighting. In fact, April 8 marked our first annual National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, a day created to spread knowledge and understanding of dog fighting and to encourage animal lovers to take action against this barbaric practice.

We believe that there will come a time when dog fighting is seen for what it really is: the shameful pastime of cowards. But until that day comes, we will continue to fight for the victims—for dogs like Blue—so that they never have to fight again.

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I could not agree more. Tie them up naked in frigid temperatures for hours at a time. Every time they are enar death, revive them, warm them back up and then repeat for as long as you can until they finally die alone and in pain.

Joyce Cloutier.

That sounds about right, throw a few scraps of food, preferably out of reach, and maybe a cold rain will give them a chance to quench their terrible thirst....

micheline dm

Sounds good!Make sure there is lots of snow and ice.See if they will like it.Have no compassion with animal abusers.


How I agree with that. I would lock these human animals up in a cage, outside, in the cold, with no clothing, huge chain around their necks, throw them in the Bayou or Everglades as Gator bate and if they survive, I'd provide them to Michael Vick so that he can hang em when they can no longer fight. I have no compassion or mercy for these bastards or anyone that attends these fights.


That is exactly what we need to do.

mary lukowski

Well I agree. and dog fighting offenses stay with a person for years, just like M.VIck. I would chain them up with a huge collar or chain in the rain or snow with no food for about a couple days and see how they like it. actually longer but that would be mean. right? throw them in jail yes, but I would chain them outside for some time because that is the only way to prove that they are themselves animals and to be treated so inhumanly is disgusting. So I only hope one day this will stop and it only will when the sentence befits the crime. We are to take care of these dogs, cats anything. it is our job.

micheline dm

I do not compare these scums with animals because animals would never do this.They are loyal and faithful when they are loved and taken well cared for.
No, they are less than lowlifes who deserve no respect but harsh punishments.

Milli Denney

" day this will stop and it only will when the sentence befits the crime...."


And not like what happened to that POS vick. Problem is that people involved in dog fighting are sociopaths without ANY compassion for life, no matter animal or human. And there is no medicine or treatment for sociopathy other than the ones described in the reactions from people here.


Vick Didn't get HALF of what he had coming to him. He should have been given way longer jail time , been banned from the NFL and Banned for life from ever owning any kind of animal. That way when his kids ask for a pet he can explain that they can't because their daddy is a scum sucking dirt bag that likes to hurt and abuse animals.

mary a soto

only amen