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Breaking News: Dog Fighting Bust in Wisconsin

Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 4:45pm
Breaking News: Dog Fighting Bust in Wisconsin

The ASPCA is currently on the ground assisting the Milwaukee Police Department and the District Attorney of Milwaukee County with a multi-site dog fighting raid in the City of Milwaukee. Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission is transporting, sheltering and caring for the dogs.

Today, eight search warrants were executed at eight crime scenes, where 23 suspected fighting dogs were seized. Investigators also discovered blood on basement walls as well as other evidence of dog fighting, including treadmills, wound treatment supplies and muscle building supplements.

Experts from the ASPCA Field Investigations & Response (FIR) team are on hand to assist with evidence collection and documentation. The ASPCA has been assisting local authorities with this dog fighting investigation for nearly a year.

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Dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The ASPCA is committed to eradicating the blood sport. We have designated April 8 as the first National Dog Fighting Awareness Day to advance the conversation about dog fighting, and to encourage animal lovers across the country to take action against this brutal form of cruelty.

Please join the movement and take a stand. And stay tuned to for more information about this developing case.

Pictured above is one of hundreds of dogs rescued from a previous federal dog fighting bust across the Southern U.S. in August 2013. 

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The dog pictured in this article is an English Bull Terrier. I read that that picture was taken during a 2013 rescue. Was s/he ever adopted or what?


Pit Bull

Chrissy S

Are you sure the black and white dog is a pit bull? Do you know where that dog was rescued from? We found a puppy that looks just like that dog, but a little smaller. I'd like to know more about her.


We have a near twin of the dog shown and she is a Staffordshire Terrier (confirmed by DNA testing)


16 dogs from a bust in 2009. No charges filed. How can the dogs themselves be evidence? They can't testify, their physical wounds have healed.


do you have any update on those dogs? where are they being held?

judy brown

get paypal and ill donate.


Hi Judy, you can donate with paypal, use the link below at search for: ASPCA

Best regards
Allan, another supporter.
Hi Allan,

Thanks so much for wanting to support the ASPCA and helping to fight animal cruelty! We appreciate you reaching out to us about this.

Unfortunately, for our members that live internationally we are unable to process credit cards and checks. The only way a member that lives outside of the United States is able to donate to the ASPCA is by Money Order or by PayPal

All the best,


Hey Judy:

Know how to write a check & drop it into the mail? Kind of an obnoxious statement. If you really wanted to donate, you would.

Just my opinion



So glad they were saved, it breaks my heart to think of all the other dogs suffering who have yet to be found. I truly hope they get a chance at life as these dogs have gotten. The people who do this will pay and their souls will be tortured, either in this life or another.