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Happy Tax Season! Support Animals When You File

Monday, February 3, 2014 - 10:45am
Dog next to calculator and documents

We don’t know about you, but the start of tax season makes us a little tense. However, we have good news—you can actually help animals while filing your taxes this year!

To participate, sign up at, and the ASPCA will automatically receive a donation when you file with TurboTax—at no cost to you. A donation of 8.5% is made for each TurboTax Online product and $0.50 for each TurboTax Online Federal Free Edition product.

April 15 is closer than you think! So get a jumpstart on your taxes—and make a difference for countless animals.

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This is a great idea, what would be better is, have it so your tax preparer can check off a box that you can contribute $1. to a animal charity instead of giving the $1. to the crooked politicians. Several of my friends feel this way and we would like to see it by next year.


I wish I had known about this earlier. I already filed through someone else. 8.5% would have been a nice donation.


This is great, we always use turbo tax so will sign up so the donation will be received.


Wish i know earlier already filed


I wish this had been posted earlier! I already filed and know a lot who have also. Next year remind us again (But sooner, and multiple times in the month, just in case!)


I don't understand how it works, there is no registration at, I clicked the link am taking to apage of buttons that sell the idea but no registration? If I click the top button to make the donation count, i am just re routed to turbo tax, again no way to designate donated to aspca. Someone please explain!


Af Dogs.


I wish I knew earlier about that. I already filed my tax, but that's a great idea. Well done ASPCA

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