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Abandoned Dog Overcomes Injuries, Waiting to Find Loving Home

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 12:45pm
Female pit bull standing on table at ASPCA Animal Hospital

Recently, we told you about Baby, an adorable pup who has been in our care for more than a year and a half. This sweet dog, a victim of animal cruelty, has come a long way since we first met her, and she’s still waiting to find a loving home.

In July 2012, a Good Samaritan found Baby tied to a tree, abandoned in the summer heat. Fortunately, they contacted the ASPCA, and Baby began her road to recovery that day at the ASPCA Animal Hospital.

Dr. Bonnie Wong, the ASPCA veterinarian who treated Baby, recalls that she had a severe neck wound consistent with having a chain embedded in her neck for a long period of time. Baby’s body was in poor condition; she had a skin infection and scars on her face where it appeared other dogs had attacked her. After extensive treatment, including repetitive wound care and antibiotic treatments for her skin, Baby’s condition improved and she was ready for adoption.

Since then, Baby has waited and waited for someone to take her home. In the time she’s spent at our Adoption Center, our staff has grown immensely fond of this “oversized lap dog.” She is incredibly friendly and loyal, and we can’t wait until she has a permanent place to call home.

If you’re interested adopting Baby, please call our Adoptions department in New York City at (212) 876-7700 ext. 4120. To learn more about Baby, please visit her page.

Before and after of abandoned dog in ASPCA care

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Baby, you are a brave sweetheart and you look so happy and handsome in your beautiful winter sweater. I hope a wonderful person comes along very soon to give you a loving, safe, fun-filled new home.


This cute dog is adorable and I wouldn't want it to be tied to a tree. Poor dog.

Jonas Braun

You are very cute this winter dress


You're right. Baby doesn't look "handsome." SHE looks pretty and downright cute in her winter dress.

Jonas Braun

is this baby still not get parents.?


Oh I am sending such prayers for you, to come such a long way to have it be at a stand still. Somebody please take this poor baby and show her the love she deserves... Can you post her pic everywhere to get her out there?


If I didn't live half the nation away, i'd get this lovely lady in a heartbeat!


There are ways to transport animals that are inexpensive and sometimes even free...please don't let distance be a deterrent...I just adopted a cat from Florida and live in NYC...I was able to have my cat transported very can be done

pattty aka dog lover

Wish I culd rescue everyone from the cruel people in this world we live in. I live too far away but my prayers are with her that she finds a home .Thank You for bringing her back to life .


There are dog lovers all over the country that will make this happen via tag-team transports. My daughter often does this with a number of people meeting up at various points; some drive only 50 miles or so to the first hand off; others who are willing will do more. Just takes a little coordinating. So, if you really want the dog, then try to set something up. FB is a good start.