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Famous Pups: ASPCA Adoptable Dogs Shine on the Today Show

Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 11:30am
Three adoptable ASPCA dogs featured on the Today Show

Lights, camera, action! If you watched NBC’s Today Show this morning, you probably saw a segment featuring three newly famous ASPCA adoptable dogs: Wishbone, Nautica and Bam Bam.

These adorable pups made their TV debut for a segment with hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda, and taste-tested homemade dog meals from veterinarian and talk-show host Dr. Katy Nelson. They were joined by U.S. slopestyle ski competitors Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, Nick Goepper—recent gold, silver and bronze medalists, respectively.

All three dogs are at our New York City Adoption Center waiting to find their forever homes. If you’re in the New York City-area and are interested in adding a furry friend to your family, view our adoptable dog profiles here!

Not in New York City? Check out our shelter database to find adoptable animals near you

Famous Pups: ASPCA Adoptable Dogs Shine on the Today Show

Update 2/24: Great news—Nautica and Bam Bam have been adopted! Wishbone is still available at our New York City Adoption Center.

Olympians holding three ASPCA adoptable dogs

Olympian holding ASPCA adoptable dog

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Could you possibly post an excerpt from the show? It's not on youtube and I would love to see the 3 pups on TV. They're just so adorable! Congratulations to the 3 Olympians, too. They are so sweet to the dogs.



Kim Sether

Very nice story to read about. I hope someone adopts these adorable dogs very soon !


I originally saw Nick Goepper's story about how he found the family of Shepherd mixes, including the mom and her five babies, and hoped he could bring them home. Was he able to rescue them? So glad to see more pups were rescued and brought to the US. Nice job! And great snowboarding tricks!


Actually, that was Gus Kenworthy. And I think he did get them to the US.

Audrey Barberi

Thank you for correcting the writer and for the update on the pups found. Did we bill Mr. Putin for the plane fare???


Gus was on David Letterman last night and said they are still working on getting the dogs to the U.S. He is working with HSUS to get through all the red tape, but thinks they will get here just didn't know when.

gaye nelson

I thought that was Gus Kenworthy story about the pups and their mom. Doesn't matter but I hope he was able to bring them home


Show Vlad the dog killer how dogs should be treated!


You mean Vick? No one cares about Vick any more. He has been voted most hated pro football player of this time. He needs to be forgotten.