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Victory! Congress Says Nay to Horse Slaughter in the U.S.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 4:45pm
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UPDATEThursday, Jan. 16, 7:30 P.M. Wonderful news! The U.S. Senate has just passed the FY2014 spending bill with the horse slaughter funding-limitation language intact. The president is expected to sign the bill by the end of the week. This means that no horse slaughter facilities will be permitted to open in the U.S. for the 2014 fiscal year. Congratulations and thanks are due to all our amazing animal advocates, who helped secure this victory.


The U.S. House of Representatives has just passed the federal government’s FY2014 spending bill, which contains language expressly prohibiting the use of tax dollars to inspect facilities that slaughter horses for human consumption. The massive funding bill is expected to pass the U.S. Senate and be signed into law by President Obama later this week, ushering in a ban on domestic horse slaughter nationwide.

“The message from Capitol Hill is loud and clear on this issue: Our horses deserve better and this abhorrent industry will not be tolerated,” says Nancy Perry, Senior Vice President of ASPCA Government Relations. “We thank the members of the House for recognizing that using taxpayer dollars to fund the inhumane horse slaughter industry is reckless and wasteful, and urge the Senate to quickly pass this bill.”

In response to overwhelming public opposition to horse slaughter, Congress enacted a similar spending prohibition each year for FY2006 through FY2011. However, it failed to include the prohibition language in the FY2012 budget, opening the door for this gruesome practice to return to U.S. soil.

While the proposed FY2014 spending bill will protect American communities from the devastating environmental and economic impacts of horse slaughter facilities, it will not prohibit the transport of U.S. horses for slaughter across the border to Canada and Mexico. Last year, more than 160,000 American horses were victims of this grisly, foreign industry that produces unsafe, drug-tainted meat.

We can end this horror by passing the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (S. 541/H.R. 1094)—bipartisan legislation that would permanently end the current export of American horses for slaughter abroad, and protect the public from consuming toxic horse meat.

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I agree with the other comments, we should not allow our horses to be transported across the borders for slaughter.

Naila M Sanchez

Shipping horses across borders is horrendous and must stop!! Horse slaughter is dispicable.... just as is any animal slaughter!!

Alice Enix

I used to be for stopping slaughter. But, NOW... I can't live with all the horses we received by the state of Georgia to find homes for. The pictures we have would make you literately throw up. I could describe the experiences the horses are having, but why be graphic. A unimaginable, Slow Painful abusive death, is NOT better.
If you are supporting to Stop Slaughter, then Support a Rescue that spends $150 a month to feed one horse.
Remember, You save a horse and where do they go???? Do you take them home?
Who has home for them to go to?

Please help us G.E.R.L Georgia Equine Rescue League
Alice Enix


Yes, horse lovers should support legitimate rescues (ones with a Board of Directors who publish their financial records, not hoarders who masquerade as rescues, of which there are many) I also support gelding clinics, since overbreeding and thoughtless breeding is the main cause of horse overpopulation, not the stopping of slaughter.

C Duke

Congratulations you have now insured that horses will be shipped across the borders with no regard to their safety and conditions. Did you ever think that maybe people in the USA that are hungry would love to have an inexpensive piece of horse meat to eat. Did you ever think about the thousands of people in Europe that eat horse meat and they are healthy.


Yes, it is just great to let horses go into another country (Where you can never tell how BAD it really is.) And what the heck, People can just starve if they are hungry right??.. Somehow humans have pushed enough to have land for themselves alone but horses and the like are overcrowded and starve..

Monika Saupitty

Nobody in my family in Germany eats horse meat. Germans won't go for that.


R u serious,,,????u think horse meat is the ONLY means to stop starvation?that in itself is just ignorant!What about a garden,what about food stamps,,what about pasta,what about all the other foods available to the public,or even a plot of land to GROW there own food.Not everyone needs MEAT survive!!Think before u make such a comment.As far as transportation of ANY horses abroad,,,thats just wrong.That also needs to STOP,,yesterday.Horses are a creature created by the ,''great creatore,'' and should forever be a protected species just as mankind.They helped mankind in every step of mankinds progress good or bad in this world and should be respected,not ever torture and destroyed,ever!No so-called animals should ever be abused for mankinds sick needs,,,As Ghandi once said,''you can tell alot about a Nation,based on how they treat their animals,''thus any Nation that treats any so-called ,''animals'' with such cruelity is not a Nation deserving the respect of fellow mankind.Exactly who is the TRUE animal then,mankind of that Nation,or the horse,,jmo MANKIND of that nation who tjhinks its ok to be outright cruel to a fellow mortal,ie,the horse,,,,maryw

Alice Enix

You live in the REAL World. Thank you for your heart and for using your brain.
Everybody that is supporting to Stop Slaughter, is not open to listen to the problems that stopping it, is creating. The animal would much rather be hit once over the head and die. I know I would. But, NOW, with the economy being terrible. Horses, ponies and donkeys, are really suffering, dying and are abused by owners. Owners don't know what to do either.
I am here to help this beautiful & amazing animal. ONLY ANSWER: Bring Slaughter Back to American....


Horse meat would not be "inexpensive" if it were inspected and regulations put in place to ensure it's safety for human consumption, just as cattle and pigs are, and as meat horses are in Europe. Most horses in the USA have ingested drugs such as wormicides, pain killers and antibiotics which are not supposed to be used in food animals.