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ASPCA Happy Tails: Adventures of Wallace

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 10:45am
Happy cat laying on floor

One of the hardest—and most rewarding—parts of life at the ASPCA is saying goodbye to our adopted animals. Nothing makes us happier than when they find a forever home, but we often wonder what they’re up to and how they are enjoying their new lives. Fortunately, there are pet parents like Andee G. Andee adopted Wallace the cat from us in 2012, and since then, she’s kept us updated on his life in a very unique way. Here is their Happy Tail:

“When I first met Wallace,” Andee tells us, “he was 7 weeks old. He was just adorable. He curled up right in my arms and cuddled, which won my heart.” During their first year together, Wallace and Andee became inseparable companions. But Wallace also took on a different, more unexpected role: social media star. That’s right! Through Instagram, Andee has taken and shared over 200 photographs of the sweet grey cat, all using the hashtag #AdventuresOfWallace. Thanks to this wonderful use of social media, we’ve now seen Wallace sniffing flowers, napping in the sun, and exploring all that the world has to offer. And through all the photos, one thing remains in focus: Andee has given Wallace an incredible life.

Since we love nothing more than to see our ASPCA alums doing well, we consider this an incredible gift. Thank you to Andee and Wallace, and here’s to many more happy #Adventures!

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Cat looking out over a pile of blankets

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Wallace, you look about as happy and pretty as a cat can look. Thank you, Andee, for the love and home and joy you have offered to this splendid pussycat.


Thanks Emma! he's a joy for me every day.


That is one Handsome Boy!!! ^..^


What a wonderful companion! May you have many special years together!!

night magic

i love these happy tails .its wonderful when you know an animal who had a unhappy life now has a forever home


Wallace looks a lot like our William. He is really cute! We have had William and his sister, Mushroom, since they were four weeks old. We fostered William, his mother, and three siblings, after they were severely neglected and brought to a shelter.

Lizzie Shoemaker

I'm 13 years- old and I love animals! I think Wallace is a cutie pie! Wallace is purrfect feline. I hope one day I can adopt one of these cute little kitties. The ASPCA is a good place for abused and neglected animals. I LOVE animals!