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ASPCA Happy Tails: Pit Perfect

Monday, December 23, 2013 - 9:30am
Pit bull with bouncy ears wearing a jacket outside

When Jarret and Jasmine adopted a pit bull named Ranger, they knew they had a lot to learn about the breed. In the year since his adoption, Ranger has become their constant companion, their snuggle-buddy, and the greatest teacher they could have asked for. Here is their story, as told by Jarett:

Prior to meeting Ranger, Jasmine and I never really considered getting a pit bull. We were aware of the prejudices that existed toward the breed; many of our friends and family had never even interacted with a pit bull before. But we fell in love with Ranger and adopted him from the ASPCA in September 2012.

Despite the harsh conditions he came from, Ranger is incredibly affectionate. He loves to snuggle and lick our faces. Every day when we come home, he is waiting to greet us. When guests come over, he brings out one of his toys and plays with anyone he can. He is full of love and trust and enjoys his life to the fullest.

Since adopting Ranger, we have become much more involved in raising awareness of the breed. We attend events and take him out as often as possible. He has undoubtedly changed both of our lives, and he has changed the way many of our friends and family see pit bulls. We want to say thank you to the ASPCA and all of the staff. I hope you realize that the work you do not only makes a difference in the animals’ lives, but in the lives of the individuals who make these animals a part of their family.

Close up of a brindle pit bull laying on floor

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