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Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 14:45

We were so proud to hear that 9-year-old Abby V. of Los Angeles, California, decided to dress as an ASPCA responder for Halloween, and her outfit took first prize in a costume contest!

Abby’s mom, Christine, shared some photos of her daughter’s award-winning costume, and told us a bit about her commitment to animals.

“Abby came up with the idea on her own. When I asked her why she decided to wear the ASPCA costume, she told me, ‘Mom, we have to be a voice for animals, and this will show people that I love animals very much,’” Christine says.

Christine added that Abby also saves money to donate to the ASPCA.

We’re inspired by Abby’s commitment to animal welfare, and we love her creative costume. Way to go, Abby!

Young girl wearing ASPCA Halloween Costume and holding prize

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