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A Sad Day for Dogs in Missouri—House Votes to Repeal Prop B

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 3:00pm

Folks, we are facing our worst-case scenario: By a vote of 85-71, the Missouri House of Representatives has just joined the Missouri Senate in passing Senate Bill 113. This Bill would result in the total repeal of Prop B—also known as the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act—and wipe out the provisions to protect puppy mill dogs Missouri citizens fought for.

“On November 2, Missourians went to the polls, and Prop B won with the support of nearly a million Missouri voters,” says Cori Menkin, ASPCA Senior Director of Legislative Initiatives. “Whether you care about ending puppy mill cruelty or the democratic process, this attack on the will of the people is appalling.”

It is now in the hands of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to stop this assault on voters’ rights—and our team is on full alert ready to take necessary action. Please stay tuned for breaking news regarding the repeal of Prop B.

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Janet L Canning

To repeat Prop. B just doesn't stink for the animals but for the citizens who voted for it. Democracy is dead.

jim mcmullin

you people make me sick millions of people dieing for thousands of reasons every day and you want sympathy for a bunch of dogs atleast civil rights activists cared about people you people would probly see a dog and a little child drowning and save the dog. prisons all over the US hold people in inhumane cells and promote rape and you get on the go because of dogs? wheres your humanity?


Jim you're not very bright. Your mindless hatred for animals doesn't make you a better person.

Chip pough




Joyce Dunaway

I agree with you, Sean. I understand that people need help as well, but we're trying to save them all. No one should knock someone else for helping whomever or "whatever" life is out there!! If they have a passion for the hungry/poor/persecuted, they have time to do it, as well, right?

Ozark Owl

My guess is that you're probably intimately familiar with prison cells, and there may have been a dog involved in your experience of such matters. This issue is not about civil rights activists, jts about cruelty to animals.


OMG are you kidding. You are an absolute freaking jerk with no compassion at all. People have the means to do good things or bad things with their lives its a choice. Just look at the teens in Oklahoma under 18 that just thought "it would be fun to shoot someone cause they were bored" All animals dogs, cats, birds etc. need help to live a healthy, happy life So therefor we have shelters for animals that PEOPLE just don't want anymore so they dump them or kill them needlessly. I am praying there is a bill that would make every single pet owner to spay and/or neuter their pets. That would help tremendously. So for the HATER. You need help


Linda, I'm with you. Some other jerks out there need a real reality check.


I've got my humanity you dumb ass. Stop and think. They are live creatures just like you. They need us. By the way, do you hate little kids as much as animals and don't you think you should go soak your head in a big bucket of water? I'll watch.