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Zaffre Comes Out of Her Shell

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 11:00am
Grey cat with green eyes sits on floor

When Caitlin G. visited the ASPCA Adoption Center, she decided to take a chance on a special cat named Zaffre. This feline was sweet, but wasn’t quite ready for human affection. Caitlin shared the following story with us about Zaffre’s transformation:

When I visited the Adoption Center and looked at the cats, Zaffre immediately caught my eye. She was beautiful, sweet and shy. She liked to play as long as she could jump back in her cage. The staff said she had been there for almost a year, and people were hesitant to adopt her because she would not let anyone pet her. To me this seemed normal: I’ve had cats with similar personalities over the years, and I liked Zaffre's independent personality.

The staff seemed to really like her and was invested in finding her a good home. They spent time with me answering a lot of questions and telling me about Zaffre’s specific needs. I knew the ASPCA would be available to help me in the transition process should any complications or challenges arise. One week after the adoption, I received a call from a member of the Adoptions team and we had a nice, long conversation. It meant a lot that she was willing to check in.

Zaffre is very happy here! It took her awhile to adjust, but within a week or two, she stopped hiding. She began to feel comfortable being in the room with me, and we played every day with her favorite mouse toy. She didn't want me to pet her for the first month, but now she loves it! She will come up to me in the mornings and throughout the day looking for pets, and sits next to me on the couch for petting. She loves sitting in the windows, listening to the birds and watching squirrels run around outside.

Grey cat naps under leopard print chair

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