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The Truth about Pit Bulls

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 4:00pm

“Pit Bull.” There is no other breed of dog—or arguably, any other animal at all—whose mere mention can elicit such strong opinions. Try a word-associate game with your friends: Ask them what they think of when you say “Pit Bull.” Chances are that by the numbers, their responses will be more negative than positive. And it’s no wonder: No other type of dog is as widely banned from housing, legislated against, or incorrectly vilified by the media.

How did we get here?
Pit Bulls were once widely considered ideal family pets—affectionate, loyal and gentle with children. But in recent years, these dogs have suffered tremendously from a combination of overbreeding, bad publicity and irresponsible owners. In reality, the overwhelming majority of Pits and Pit mixes are sweet goofballs who have gotten a very bad rap.

Learn the truth.
National Pit Bull Awareness Day, on October 27, is a day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about Pit Bulls and their responsible owners. Please take a moment to learn the truth about these wonderful dogs and consider rescuing one of them from a shelter.

Are you a proud Pit Bull parent? Please participate in National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and help us dispel the myths about these dogs by leaving a comment below about your wonderful pooch.

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I rescued my baby from a shelter. His mother, a pure breed Pitbull was left behind by her family when they moved. She contracted heartworm and got pregnant before she was rescued by a shelter. I adopted one of her puppies when he was 8 weeks old.

My boy Webber is the friendliest dog I have ever met or known, hands down. He loves people and little children and all other animals equally. If someone were to take him he would go with vigor! But he is also so loyal it's amazing. He has no special training but he follows me around almost constantly. He looks to me for direction and seems to be able to figure out what I want him to do without my ever giving him any kind of formal training (sit, down, take it, leave it, and uh-uh for no). He learned these things like they were a part of nature.

I can be with him off leash on a football field and if I call him, he comes running full speed directly at me. He sleeps with his head in the crease of my neck every night. I love this boy beyond what words could describe. I ask myself every day, "How did God create such a special dog?" He plays with other neighbors' pitbulls off leash all the time and it is such a play fest for them all. You could never see a happier bunch of well adjusted dogs.

Someone please tell ME how this is a bad "breed" when there are thousands and thousands of them that disprove this terrible stereotype all the time. What society has done to them as a breed is a travesty. We all need to take one dog at a time, no matter what its breed background is.


hi everyone, just want to tell u about my pit bull sedona we adopted her from the town shelter(kill shelter) approx. 13 months ago she was 11 months old. she is just wonderful and caring dog, she is with 2 other dogs and 1 cat who she loves. I also live in a 2 family house and my family consist of 3 young kids from 8mths to 8 yrs old. My Sedona just adores these kids and licks them all the time. These dogs have so much love and affeciate to give. This is my first pull bull and will not be my last. I hope more people give this breed a chance and see what I have discovered about this breed. I love this dog and she loves people and has no aggression at all. Next time u go to a shelter see if maybe u can save a life of a pit bull they will reward u with kindness everyday and thank u for rescuing them.


We recently lost our 14 year-old pit bull/corgi mix to cancer. We adopted her from a shelter when she was 6 mo tha d. In the years following, we brought our 2 kids into the world, and could not have asked for. Better furry family friend. She was so patient, protective, and loving, and we all miss her terribly.
Luckily, we have our other dog, a full-bred pit bull, to help us heal. He's a sweetheart! And a goofball.


I have been the proud owner of a pittie for 13 years so far! My Sasha girl has been by my side through thick and thin. She was diagnosed with cancerseveral years ago and was given a few years to live. Well, we have passed that mark and even though she is a senior dog she is still happy, perky and playful. She still loves to lie in my lap and acts like she did when she was a baby. She is my friend and my protector and I am blessed every day I have her. To those of you who are wasting your time responding to other peoples negative comments, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! You can't reason with someone who is ignorant! The media has played a huge part in the negative concept of pit bulls. The only reason they don't report on other breeds biting is because it is not news worthy! I have volunteered for several rescue groups and pits were not the ones returned for biting or attacking,it was mostly the small breeds. Let's hope that through awareness some peoples minds and hearts can be changed. We can't change them all but we can start with ONE!

Elizabeth Oland

I have had a pit bull (Rosie) for eight years. I have had many
other dogs. In fact we have 3 dogs now. Of all the dogs we
have ever had Rosie is the sweetest of all. When you look at her
you you could melt. It's because of peole like Michael Vick
and his dog fighting that they have a bad name.

Terri Welborn

We have a wonderful pittie/wire hair terrier mix and she's the sweetest, goofiest baby ever. She barks but isn't aggressive and all she ever wants is attention/love and rubs. I wouldn't trade her for anything and wish everyone could understand how sweet these dogs truly are.


Our first dog as a couple was a pitbull, Bogey. He was gentle w/the kids and such a sweetie! When my son was 6 yrs old, he wandered off as I was changing the baby and Bogey stayed w/him in the woods. We found them together sitting on a rock. Boget was 12 yrs old when he died and we still miss him, 27 yrs later!


I have owned many differnt kinds of dogs and I have to say Cinnamon a red nose pit bull is the kindest, loving and gentlest (accept that "tail") dog. She is smart and so well behaved. It really hurts me when I hear negative things about pit bulls. I wish the media would focus more on the good stories than the ones due to mishandling of this sweet adorable dogs.

Becky Keaton

I am the very proud "grandmother" of a itty bitty pit bull- she's small, loving, goofy and runs like the wind. She is amazing with children- adults too. Let a 2 year old chase her with a plastic sword the other night. Not a mean or aggressive bone in her body! She totally changed my uninformed mind about these amazing dogs!

laneta g

i am a pit bull owner and i love my dog. she is an american staffordshire, brindle color. she is about 7yrs. i got her from a shelter and she is very friendlyl and playful. i just wish people would see the good side of these pups. just because we have irresponsible owners/breeders that doesnt make ALL pits the same. i dont know what i would do if they banned pits where i live. its funny how some people only see the bad but not how these dogs are abused, beaten, burned and even left to die out in the cold.
i would never hurt my lil baby. her name is Ashley. she is a part of my family..