How Your Kids Can Help Shelter Pets

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 12:30pm
Little girl pets cat

If your child has tried to volunteer at a shelter, you might have been told he or she is too young. But there is much more your kids can do for shelter pets. Check out some of the cool stuff kids have done at shelters across the country.

1. Go Viral
These Hawaiian kids created a promotional video and a mega-catchy song for the Lana’I Animal Rescue Center.

2. Fill ‘Er Up
Take a tip from kids in the capital. They helped the Washington Humane Society prepare Busy Buckets—buckets filled with stuff like toys and treats that help, you guessed it, keep shelter dogs busy and happy.

3. Toy Story
Check out these awesome cat toys kids made out of extra collar material at Sacramento County Animal Care. Your local shelter might have some extra stuff lying around that would make a great cat toy—all you have to do is ask…and get crafty.

4. PB & J? Make That PB & K...
We’re betting Girl Scout Troop 40892 had as much fun stuffing Kong toys with peanut butter as the dogs at McKamey Animal Center had unstuffing them!

5. Join a Program Just for Kids
It’s true, some shelters have awesome programs made especially for kids. At the Bay Area Humane Society in Wisconsin, kids even get to help teach shelter pets new tricks.

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Yes! Exactly.


So many animals are being abused now in days I want so dearly to help or love to volunteer at wear ever I can.i want animal abuse to stop! So some way I will make my mark!


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Jeffery youngblood

My grand baby sweet sweet told me while watching the commercial about mistreated pet,asked why are they so sad.I explained,she commented,I can help.i'll pet them and feed them,she said I'll be their super hero.Now what got me is the fact that she's only 3 so if anything I can do.

mom of 4 senioes

I have a what I think is a great idea, wonder what you think. What if the city animal shelter what built close to the high schools. The programs for work programs are endless. When I was in high school we worked at McDonalds or Burger king. Here they could have a program class that was broken in to sections of the semester where they start by learning about the canine, then interacting, and training, then adoption procedures. the goal would be to take untrained shelter dogs and transform them in to their forever home. Another could be a walker class where they just walked dogs for the duration of one class time. kitties too. Other classes could get involved. Marketing skills, Fundraisings, campaigns, student speakers at elementary and junior high schools on proper care subjects. The hole school could integrate a shelter in to there curriculum in many ways. Of course there would be liability and each students parents would have to approve. I just think the schools are state ran, the shelters either are or once where and it would be a win win. Summer time. they could maybe hire a couple part time students to earn money or credits. I am curious if I am just dreaming or if its worth checking in to. thanks so much


I think this is a good idea. Would need to be an awesome leader(s) to make it happen.

Kathie O'Shea

I THINK YOU HAVE A GREAT IDEA. HOW DO KIDS GET TO MccDONALD'S OR OTHER JOBS. you would have a hard time building new shelters, they need money just to operate. if transportation is available it could be a great thing for kids and the animals. You should check it out. This could be a wonderful thing. Good for you!!!


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Try it, you wOn't regret it­!.



I was wondering how I could find out how old you have to be to volunteer? My daughter is 13 and lives near Philadelphia. I didn't know if she could volunteer or not but she is very caring and kind towards animals.