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New Jersey Battles to Protect Pregnant Pigs

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 3:30pm
sad pink pig covered in mud

This summer, the Governor of New Jersey vetoed an ASPCA-backed bill to ban the use of gestation crates. Gestation crates are small cages (about 2' × 7') industrialized farms use for confining pregnant pigs.

We were very disappointed by Governor Christie’s veto, but we were also shocked. It doesn’t often happen that 91% of a state’s residents and an overwhelming majority of a state’s legislators—Democrats and Republicans alike—agree on anything. But in New Jersey, the plight of pregnant pigs gave rise to an overwhelming consensus that no animal should be confined in this intolerably cruel manner.

Thankfully, there is still an opportunity to pass the bill to ban gestation crates: State Senator Raymond Lesniak is spearheading an effort to override the governor’s veto.

The override effort has been endorsed by New Jersey’s leading animal protection groups, national groups, industry experts, and major New Jersey news outlets. Press of Atlantic City called gestation crates “the very definition of cruelty.” Banning them, in the words of the Star-Ledger, is “basic decency.” The Times of Trenton asked us to “imagine the outcry if dogs and cats were subjected to such treatment.” 

If you live in New Jersey, please join us in calling on your state legislators to stand by their principles and override the veto. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center today to be a voice for New Jersey’s pigs.

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Yet another cruel, senseless practice. Let us fervently hope that the New Jersey legislators can override the governor's foolish and insensitive veto.

Darla leight

Some day down the road big k9nine dog male plam habor fla dog place s
Waited waited buddy passes away from us we had him for long time 13th years


Why do the people running these facilities just do what is right instead of waiting for some law to be changed. They should be confined in these crates for 3 months and see how it feels.


Christie belongs in one of those crates, he looks like a pregnant pig


He's just worried that his supply of bacon might be jeopardized..

Any Governor that will vote against better treatment of animals doesn't deserve the public's trust or re-election...


And he is considering running for the President. FOOL.


Christie is a closet dem kissing obummers butt I would never vote for him


I disagree with you. He is a moderate Republican and definitely not a Tea Party Republican. He is for the people and asks for the country's assistance when his state got hit by Hurricane Sandy. Just because he was shown next to the President after the Hurricane, doesn't mean that he is a closet Democrat.

Margot Alten

Couldn't have said it better!!!!!


Must we as humans kill everything. . .enviornment, animals, pets, insects, the list goes on and on! Pigs have been said to have the intelligence of a three year old child, so they know what HELL they are going through, and what waits at the end.