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Stand Up For Dairy Cows—Stand Up to Ag-Gag Bills!

Monday, October 15, 2012 - 10:45am

The findings of a dairy farm investigation were released last week, and they aren’t pretty.  Video footage reveals workers beating, kicking, jumping on and shocking cows at Bettencourt Dairies, a major Idaho dairy. In one appalling scene, a cow, apparently unable to stand, is dragged by her neck with a chain attached to a tractor. Five Bettencourt employees have been fired and three face charges of animal cruelty.

As hard as the video is to watch, these acts of cruelty are sadly not unusual. With every new investigation released, we learn that cruelty is rampant on factory farms all around the country. Some of the cruelty comes in the form of obvious violations like in this recent investigation, while some is inherent in the standard practices of factory farming. Unsurprisingly, cruelty and cleanliness are often linked, and raise food and worker safety issues: This video showed extremely unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Farm investigations are one of the few tools animal advocates have to bring criminals to justice, and to pressure the food industry to adopt higher standards of animal welfare and food safety. Aware of the power of these videos, Big Ag lobbies to criminalize investigative workers and keep consumers in the dark. “Ag-gag” bills, introduced over the last few years in states around the country, attempt to make it a crime to document animal abuse on factory farms. Last year we fought hard to defeat these bills in many states. But this year will likely bring a fresh onslaught. Ag-gag bills will continue passing until every one of us stands up to the industry’s effort to block reforms for both consumer and animal welfare.

Learn more and find out where your state stands on ag-gag today! 

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J. Atwell

I'm glad to read that something is being done about this. These animals do not need to be treated badly in any way shape or form. It's WRONG!

Trent Balzer

It's time that HUGE FINES and business licenses be revoked, when animal cruelty come to light. This dairy needs to be have all of the above brought upon them!

amy legendre

this video disgusts me we need to do something about it

Beverly Lane

Stand up for gag order and miss treatment of farm animals..

Nicole Shaffer

The Video Was Disturbing And I Think The Workers That WERE Working There Deserve What They Got By Having Them Pay $5,000 Each.



Joal Stone

Please take action against this cruelty!!!!


Very sad

Jacqueline Gutierrez

I hope justice is served and those bastards pay for the cruelty and inhumane treatment of those animals!

Suzanne hvamstad

Please stop these cruel acts thank you