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Video: Inside Look at Massive Dog Fighting Bust

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 4:15pm
Rescued Dog

As many of you know, last weekend the ASPCA and responders from The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) removed more than 360 dogs from dog fighting properties in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas. Many are emaciated, with scars and wounds consistent with dog fighting. They’re spending their first days learning what it’s like to receive adequate care.

The dogs and puppies are safe now. They’ll never suffer in extreme heat without access to water. They’ll never be chained to cinder blocks and car tires again. And they’ll never be forced to fight.

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Right now, the ASPCA is providing shelter, veterinary care, healthy food and much-needed attention and affection to hundreds of dogs and puppies. Our work is far from over. It’s a massive undertaking that will require months of food and supplies and man hours to ensure these dogs get the best possible care. Veterinary professionals, behavior professionals and so many others will be involved.

Please take a moment to watch and share our rescue video. You’ll see some of the dogs we rescued, as well as the real conditions these dogs were forced to endure.

Stay tuned to for more news to come. Follow the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #367rescue. If now is a good time for you to give, please consider making a gift to the ASPCA.

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Can't imagine a world without the ASPCA. Thank you so so much for all that you do. You make my heart smile. Such wonderful news that you saved these dogs.

cody hughey

i'm so glad that so many dog fighting rings are being taken out. i hope we can figure out ways to educate people so that we don't have a need for this kind of rescue in the future.

Vicki Tittle

Words cannot express what I am feeling when I heard about the bust on the news. Thank you so much for what you did. God bless these babies and I pray for them a good life.

dog/cat lover

The people at the ASPCA are so wonderful and caring!! What a difference you make to these poor lost souls. It is so great to see these guys helping these animals and giving them love on the spot with a little hug or kiss on the head. God bless you all!! Keep up the good work and don't forget about these poor animals that need your help!! I agree - these people must jail.


Thank you for rescuing these dogs, no animal should be forced to live a violent life just to satisfy sadistic people who love to see animas getting injured. Keep up the good work!


ASPCA, I always watch these rescue videos with tears in my eyes. Mixture of sadness for the victims and gratitude for the rescue crew. Bless you all and bless the animals.


I felt the same way.

Gregory Wright

Interesting (in a bad way) how much of this brutal crap seems to happen in the miserable Red/GOP states. Hmm, what's the connection?


Another idiot who wants to make everything political.

petrene soames

So very sad and awfull thank goodness they were saved we each need to keep up the work of insiting that laws are put in place to send people to jail who do these things.the big question though do these fighting dogs get a home? many people are afraid of pitbulls many people would like to outlaw the breed what do you do with a dog that has been rescued but lived for many years on the end of a chain i know that shelters are overflowing so what does happen to the dogs?