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The REAL Scary Truth about Black Cats

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 11:15am

Have you heard the myth that black cats are unsafe in October, in part because witches may try to adopt them for rituals? We sure have. But guess what? Top ASPCA experts agree that it’s just not true.

Unfortunately, the truth is kinda scary, too: Year-round, black cats are the least likely to get adopted in shelters across the U.S. In fact, black animals in general take more time to find homes, says Gail Buchwald, Senior Vice President of the Adoption Center.

At the ASPCA, we LOVE black kitties. (Some of our friendliest cats, like Marissa, are black—yet Marissa has waited more than nine months to find a family. What’s up with that?)

Aside from the most important reason to adopt black kitties—that they really need extra help finding homes—here are a few reasons to take home one or two:

  • Their fur won’t show on your little black dress.
  • You can tell your kids you adopted a mini panther.
  • Black cats go with everything.
  • In most cultures, black cats are a sign of good luck.
  • You already know black cats are awesome—you have one at home! If you’ve got a great black kitty, tell us about him or her in the comments. You just might persuade someone else to give these felines a little extra attention.



Sandy Ohara

I adopted a gorgeous baby girl long hair black cat 7yrs ago. She is the most loving' gentle furbaby you will ever find. She plays and follows you around like a puppy. People are reallly missing out if they judge the Kitty by the color of their fur. I also had 2 black Great Danes. Such a myth that they are bad's actually the oppose. "Black Rocks"!!!


On Sept 16, I adopted a 6 yr old black cat after losing my 19 year old 6 weeks before. Zorro is so loving and well mannered, it was instant love the day I "interviewed" him, he put both arms around my neck and rubbed the side of my neck.


I adopted my little Sunspot two years ago from my local SPCA and have loved every minute she's been in my home. When I adopted her it had been almost a year since I lost my 18 year old Tigger to cancer. My other cat was missing a friend, he grew up with Tigger and didn't know life without another cat. So I went in search of the perfect new addition to my family. Sunspot was exactly what I was looking for. She was so sweet and her start in life was not great. Abandoned by her mom under a shed in someone's back yard, the children who lived there found her and because she was dirty decided she needed a bath; it was late winter so it was still very cold outside. But they washed her up in the wading pool in their yard. The parents brought her into the spca cold, malnourished and with a cough. The spca nursed her back to health and put her up for adoption. When I saw her and took her out of the cage, she curled up in my arms and snuggled her head against my neck and just took a deep breath and fell asleep. I was such a goner right then! She's two years old now and never ceases to bring joy into the house. Tearing around acting like a little clown and daredevil. "Tormenting" my 13 year old cat who just wants to sleep :) Every pet I've ever owned I've gotten from a shelter and I've never been disappointed. I love animals and my little black Sunspot is no exception!


I have 2 black cats and a black dog - they are awesome, very loving and extremely friendly. They get along with my dogs and the other cats. They love to come up and show you affection and very playful. I would never trade them in for anything or anyone.

Becky Height

I have a black cat with white paws (Mittens), that just turned one year old. She is so entertaining and fun to watch (Loves the cat tree)!! And she is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever had. I have 2 other cats, one gray and one yellow, and they play together all the time. Love Her!!

I adopted my all-black cat Max from a rescue society. He is the most wonderful, friendly cat you would meet! He is a great companion and is beautiful!! He was already spayed when I adopted hin at 11 months. What a precious gem of a cat. I would highly recommend black cats because they beautiful and make great pets!


I currently live with a wonderful black cat, Little Lucy Beane (LL Beane for short!) who has been with me for 18+ years. But my first black cat, whom I named Black Cat (B.C. for short, because he came to me in British Columbia where I lived at the time), actually picked me. I had been seeing him around the neighborhood. One day, he came into my living room and fell over sideways. I called my husband who came home from work early to bring this cat and me to the vet. I had already marveled at how he had picked me for help. He had a disease that kills cats -- feline peritonitis. We drained his stomach of almost two gallons of fluid over the next week. The vet put him on Vitamin C because there had been some literature of its effectiveness in this disease. Black Cat lived! And he was mine. But, really, I was his. He and I had a special bond, no matter what other cats lived with us. It was someting I sensed, that he was tied to me. That feeling never went away. To this day, my heart goes out to black cats. They have the most gorgeous eyes and souls. Little Lucy Beane is tenacious of life. I hope to have her with me for a good while through the strength of our feelings for each other. Black cats are all special!


I found my black cat when he was a few hours old and raised him with a bottle. We are still together after 18 years. In fact, he is sitting on my lap, purring , as I write this. He is a gorgeous, loving and intelligent family member. I wish he would stay with me forever.

Janet Allsop

I love black cats. I have had four black cats in my lifetime (since I was a teenager) and am now in my 60's. Annie, Archie, Kizzie and Sootie. My last black cat, Sootie, was 17 years old when he passed away from complications due to diabetes in 2009. I still miss him. I was looking for another one but am now renting and am only allowed one cat which I already have. Until now, I cannot think of a time that I have not had one in my household. Black cats are intelligent, (Archie used to fetch a ball and bring it back to me and would also come back home if you whistled for him). They are sweet-natured, friendly and very loving. I really miss having one in my life.


My Java Bean was left on my balcony by his mama! He was so little when I found him he thinks he's a person and in no way shape or form a cat!! He has an amazing personality and he loves to cuddle up next to me every chance he gets! He's a great cat and I would recommend to anyone and everyone GO BLACK when adopting you will not regret it!!