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Join the Party! Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Monday, October 1, 2012 - 1:15pm
shelter dog

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and that means it’s time to celebrate all things canine and get more homeless pups into forever homes. To get the party started, we’ve prepared a special Adopt a Shelter Dog Month section on devoted to the lovable shelter pooch.

Speaking of Pet Adoption…
Earlier this year, we polled hundreds of pup parents—some who adopted from shelters, and others who purchased their puppies at pet stores—about their experiences during and after acquiring their four-legged family members. You’d think that the pet store-pup parents, who got exactly the puppy they wanted, would be happier, but that’s not the case!

Our poll showed that people who adopted a dog from a shelter were much more likely to be pleased with their experience than those who purchased a puppy from a pet store. Shelter dog adopters are also almost twice as likely, compared to pet store customers, to feel that the process by which they got their dog was honest and transparent.

Here at the ASPCA, we’ve long been convinced that shelter dogs are awesome and that adoption is way better than buying a puppy from a pet store. Now we have the data to prove it!

“The ASPCA’s research confirms that adoption really is the best option when it comes to adding a new dog to your home,” says Cori Menkin, Senior Director of the ASPCA Puppy Mills Campaign. “Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills, and we continue to urge those who are looking for a new companion to adopt a dog from a shelter instead of buying a puppy from a pet store. By doing so, you’re not only giving a shelter pup a new chance at life, but you’re also helping fight puppy mill cruelty.”

“And once you do adopt,” adds Menkin, “be sure not to buy any of your new pets’ supplies at pet stores that sell puppies!” Take the No Pet Store Puppies Pledge today.

Get Involved
There are tons of ways to get involved this October, ranging from sending a single tweet to volunteering at your local shelter. Head over to to read all about it, and remember—there are millions of wonderful, adorable dogs in our country who need homes, so please opt to adopt!

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I adopted my baby from the local shelter. He is an absolutley beautiful, loving pit bull!We have had him since he was 9 months old and he is now 3. We had two purebreed boxers from a breeder and I would pick a shelter dog again of a breeder or a pet store (of course).


We found our first dog starving and sick at a rest stop in South Carolina. Had this dog not adopted us, we would never have known thought about rescuing. Our beautiful beagle mix died a few years ago, but we have 2 other rescue dogs, both from high kill, low income shelters and they are perfect family members. We also adopted 3 kittens from a high kill shelter. They are all perfect! Until we empty our shelters and take care of the dogs and cats who are already here, we need to stop or limit breeding and completely shut down the puppy mill trade.

If you aren't ready to adopt, try being a foster to a shelter dog. It's a great way to assure a perfect fit!


I have never "purchased" an amimal in my life. We have always adopted either from the shelter, a rescue group or taken in the strays. Too many of those cute little puppies sold, end up at the pound due to people not thinking of how much work they are.
We always take the worst behaved animals into our foster home and rehab them for their forever home.

Barbara Tucker

I don't believe in BUYING a dog or cat because there are so many on the gas lines that need good homes. I've had dogs all my life and have NEVER bought one. All the cats that I have had over the years are ones that I have found or found me same way with the last dog I had. The dog I have now was my Mom's. She got it a month before she got sick so I ended up with both the dog and my Mom. She came from the pound and is the sweetest most loyal dog you could want. Mutt's rule.

Antoinette Nieb...

Unknowingly, I adopted a shelter dog who was pregnant! What an experience. 8 weeks after I adopted her, she gifted me with eight lovely puppies. All of the pups were adopted out to wonderful, loving homes, except for one who still lives with us. They are both the sweetest dogs.

I don't know how, but I swear shelter dogs know they have been rescued, and continue to express their gratitude in a thousand ways throughout the rest of their lives.

Pam Rangel

Our family has been extremely fortunate that our rescue dogs (one from a no-kill shelter, one we found starving and abandoned, and one from a high-kill shelter) adopted US!! There is no better love in the world than the love you receive from any animal. All dogs have their quirks, but don't we all? Don't pass on a dog that is an adult, not the cutest, sits in the corner, etc. - it's hard for them to show you their true devotion in a strange place. Get them out in the yard, walk them, sit on the floor - the love will come through! We always advocate ADOPTING! Too many innocent animals are PTS (put to sleep) because of over-breeding, ignorant and insensitive owners, and lame excuses (we are moving). Every animal that depends on humans deserves a good home. PLEASE consider visiting a shelter and finding your true love.


Chloe is my 3rd SPCA adopted pet, I got her when she was about 15 weeks old, part of an abandoned litter, she is now 3. I didn't know what I exactly wanted from a dog, but when I found her I knew she was the one. I wish I could have adopted them all. There are so many animals that need homes, there is no reason to purchase an animal from a pet store. Stop the puppy mills. Without buyers they won't breed. Support those already here.


After my beautiful dog, Buck, had to be put to sleep. I debated on another dog. But my house was just too lonely so my daughter went with me searching several places. It took a couple of trips but when I saw Gabby I knew she was for me. And I love her to pieces. A few months later we took her back to shelter to sign the official papers & there was the cutest little puggle ever. And Benny came home with us that very day. I've had them 3 years & I love them so much flaws & issues & all. They make me so very happy.

Margaret Rivers

We adopted two dogs from Wayside Waifs, a shelter in Grandview, MO. Star was one day away from being put down and was the gentlest, smart dog. He had many health problems, some of which were due to his malnutrition as a puppy. He lived to age 12 but developed lymphoma at the end. Comet was also adopted from the same shelter. She was found one morning, having been abandoned on the shelter grounds. She lived to age 14, was an Akita-Sharpei mix and very independent. After losing Star, we adopted Gracie, a lab-coonhound mix, and then Marcus, a Heinz-57 mix, both from Helping Hounds Rescue in DeWitt, NY. They are great dogs and continue to keep us young and active.


After our beloved black lab EMMIE" died, my husband was determined we would never have another dog. It took me a few years to change his mind. My case was built on getting a dog from a local shelter who needed a home, we would not even consider another black lab,the dog had to be a we found "JACK" , a one-year old black lab /pit bull mix.( So much for our convictions!) Jack was been born at the shelter and after 2 failed adoptions, was returned to the Shelter. We had to spend a lot of time to earn his trust, but now, at age 7, he's a wonderful ,loving part of our family. I strongly recommend Shelter pets - they need us.