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Bill Moyers and Wendell Berry Expose Factory Farms

Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 1:00pm
brown and white cafe laying in hay

This weekend, legendary environmental writer and activist Wendell Berry leaves his Kentucky farm for an inspiring conversation, and rare TV interview, with veteran journalist Bill Moyers on Moyers & Company. In an excerpt from that conversation below, Berry talks about how humans live at the expense of other creatures, making it our responsibility to treat those animals “with the minimum of violence.”

“It’s always great to see an esteemed figure like Wendell Berry sticking up for farm animals and so eloquently drawing that vital connection between respecting animals, our environment and ourselves,” says ASPCA Farm Animal Welfare Campaign Director Suzanne McMillan.

You can watch the full Moyers & Company interview this weekend on most public broadcasting stations. 

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MINIMUM of violence?? How about NO violence...


yes... I stand corrected

Norma Sandler

Food animals live VERY short lives. There is no way to delude yourselves that this is ever O. K. or humane. You will NEVER make animal farming humane. You KILL them. Don't try to cover up this horror under a banner of kindness.


This is just the meat eaters bargain. They all say "Well, I only kill animals humanely before I eat them."

Norma Sandler

This would be like the nazis in the camps trying to decide if they should kill 6,000,000 humanely or torture them. Open your eyes Wendell.

Norma Sandler

Go the limit...NO VIOLENCE, otherwise this is bull shit. The ultimate violence is depriving another being of their life. Nobody has the right to do this to another. Eating animal cadavers is NOT essential to human life and is destroying the planet in so many ways so this conversation is a very bad joke on the animals.

Norma Sandler

You do not respect animals if you kill them. Go vegan, save the animals and the planet.

El Catcha

Preachy touchy-feely grand standing statements about nevah evah killing any animal is just pie in the sky hooey.

1) Not everyone can be strict vegetarian/vegan. I'm talking about HEALTH here, not choice.

2) You want to feed 7+ billion people just with plant-based diet? Get ready to kill millions of animals who will die from having their natural habitat destroyed.

Let's get real, shall we?


You know absolutely nothing about this. Humans do not need to eat meat 'for health reasons.' If you want to eat meat, then you are welcome to do so, but just don't spread out and out lies.


cant wait to have that cow between two buns