Cute Overload! Puppies and Preschoolers Mingle at ASPCA

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 3:30pm
Children pet a kitten

A group of preschoolers from New York City’s Resurrection Episcopal Day School recently spent some quality time with dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes during a tour of the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan.

The students toured the Adoption Center, led by ASPCA Volunteer Coordinator Beverly Pietrucha, where they met and observed plenty of adorable adoptable puppies, adult dogs, kittens and adult cats. ASPCA veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Lander demonstrated a basic health exam on a super-friendly therapy dog named Britney Spears.

For the tour’s grand finale, Dr. Lander brought in three six-week-old kittens for the students to interact with. It’s safe to say these young animal lovers learned a great deal about caring for animals and had a blast in the process!

Find out some ways your kids can help shelter pets.

Children looking at excited puppies in a crate

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It is so awesome that these children got to experience this. Just think what a great world it would be if all kids had the chance to learn about compassion and responsibility like this! Kindness toward animals should be taught in every class in America. The world would be much better place!


That comment is so true! The world really would be a better place if all children learned kindness to animals and respect in school. Encouraging positivity is important.


Kids learn from parent and other kids negative treatment of animals. This is wonderful to change that behavior. Keep up the good work.


Are these puppies shown in this photo currently at the ASPCA adoption center in Manhattan? Address please?

Elisa Affanato

When I saw this story, it all came to light why I love the ASPCA and the wonderful ways you all impact the lives of animals. This meeting has given these children the greatest gift. They are learning to love animals from the best teachers. I so admire what you do, and I feel blessed to be able to donate to such a worthy charity.

Nancy Mehan

Well said, Elisa!

Ingrid Sternbeg

What a wonderful idea this is.

Each child who went to see the pets, (and still have an impressionable mind). I am sure, not only saw these animals but were also taught the correct way, as to what adopting a pet is all about i.e. when pets are adopted regardless of its age, they need love and proper caring for the rest of their lives.
The problem today is - certain people adopt pets and after a certain time, treat them like old toys and these pets are either mistreated or abandoned without food or water and left to suffer.
Gladly, As per the wonderful stories sent on my email, some are fortunate to be rescued and live a life of true happiness, with their new adopted parents.

I agree with Jen, infact it should be made compulsory, to educate little children in this way.

My heartfelt thanks to those who provide their pets with love and care; and those who rescue pets from suffering and allowing them a better life.

G-d bless you.


dogs are cute

anna taylor

that's so cute!
Dogs growl when there mad, wag there tails when happy, and make a sad noise when there sad.
It's so cute!


I'm 12 and want to volunteer a lot at the Sacramento ASPCA but I don't know if I'm old enough please reply. I really want to volunteer because I love dogs,cats,bunnies,puppies,kittens,and all the other animals.i want to volunteer because there's a stray dog that is outside my house and she is really skinny.