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It’s Official: New Jersey Bans Horse Slaughter!

Friday, September 21, 2012 - 4:15pm
horse in a pasture

Congratulations, New Jersey—you’ve just become the latest state to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption!

Just shy of his final deadline, Governor Chris Christie signed into law A.2023/S.1976, which is an amazing piece of legislation: Not only does it prevent a horse slaughter plant from opening in the Garden State, it also prohibits the use of state roads to transport live horses intended for slaughter elsewhere!

New Jersey’s highways are a major East Coast artery up to Canada (and Canadian slaughterhouses). Now that horse slaughterers can’t use them, their lives just became more difficult—and we have to admit, we’re pretty happy about that.

Until we succeed in passing a federal law banning both U.S. horse slaughter and the transport of slaughter-bound horses across our borders, it is vital that individual states continue to stand against this horrific practice by passing their own bans. So thank you, New Jersey animal advocates, for fighting until the end to make sure this bill became law! Please take a moment to thank Governor Christie for approving the bill.

Want to help pass strong laws to protect horses from slaughter? Stay informed and make your voice heard as a member of the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade. Sign up for ASPCA Advocacy emails today.

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donna m hill

how can anyone hurt a beatufil horse like one ones i seen
just stop it deonna m hill

Susan & Zoe Wen...

I am appalled to read and see and hear about these cruel and inhumane acts of murder to these majestic innocent God Given rights for all horses to be abused and slaughtered inhumaneley on top of everything else we are fighting for the save all wildlife from extinction!! Its about KARMA.... The gov't can and will put a stop to this sick act of violence for wheat purpose ? money and greed ???? American horses are the the foundation of our American history...In all the wars and farming and travelling before the auto industry started. Too Much !!! Sickos!!!Stop it now! I will never eat horse meat-EVER!! And will boycott it whenever and whever I can!!


I believe these animal abusers should get the chair! They should be tourchered! They are LOE life rednecks!they do not deserve to breath oír air!

Denise Rios

So happy that NJ banned the killing of these beautiful horses They race at the tracks then they get mistreated or killed after they retire them from races at the tracks. Which also be stopped! New York has to ban its horse carriages in the city that are also suffering and getting hurt in the city by traffic.

Greetings Readers,
I recently did a reader's response post for this article on my animal abuse blog. Feel free to give it a look and give feedback. You can follow this link :

Patrick Oliver

Thanks NJ!


these people tha abuse horse sshould be dead horses are really pretty


how about stop slaughtering and consuming any animals including cows, chickens, pigs. What did they do wrong. Let's treat all animals equally.


The people who kill animals are just jealous of these animals beauty. But I am all in for stopping the killing of any animal. They are beautiful, kind, and wonderful. So PLEASE HELP SAVE THESE BEAUTIFUL ANIMAL.


Sorry kids...sorry NJ. Governor Christie cleverly worded this bill saying 'for human consumption in NJ'. However...the hell-hole Bravo Packing is still operating. The 'processed meat' is sold to theme parks, such as Great Adventure (for the safari cats), it is exported to other states in the US, and Canada. It is an export. It is still a 'big business', and it is still a tragedy. Please write to Barbara Buono, who is currently NJ Senator. She is running against Christie for Gov/NJ/2013. And please watch this video...