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Interactive Map Shows Which Pet Stores Support Puppy Mills

Monday, September 10, 2012 - 3:45pm
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Does your local pet store help perpetuate animal cruelty? The sad reality is…many do. You see, most puppies sold in pet store come from puppy mills. So if your pet store has a slew of roly-poly pups for sale, chances are it supports a very cruel industry. To make matters worse, by giving stores that sell puppies your business, you’re actually supporting puppy mills, too!

“Most people just don’t realize that pet store puppies come from puppy mills,” says Cori Menkin, ASPCA Senior Director of our Puppy Mills Campaign, “and that by shopping for pet supplies at stores that sell puppies, you’re actually supporting puppy mills.”

Take Action
We’re here to help! Our new interactive map shows pet stores across the country that sell puppies. All you have to do is pledge not to shop at them.

“It’s an easy action that takes a big stand against puppy mills,” explains Menkin. “If a store sells puppies, don't buy anything there—not pet food, kitty litter, squeaky toys—nothing.”

So where can you shop? Not to worry—we have a second map dedicated to highlighting the awesome pet stores that work with local shelters to offer dogs for adoption. Check ‘em out!

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all puppy mill should be closed asap, the shelters are full of nice dogs that needs homes, why make more for the shelters after the people gets tired of their pets

barbara melton

puppy mills are excuse for allowing this cruelty to animals.


Please don't support puppy mills the animals have done nothing wrong and they do not deserve to be having there life only usefull when they are breeding other dogs. Puppy Mills are cruel should be stopped hopefully if you have or participated in supporting puppy mills or the pet stores that frequent them you will stop and actually think for a moment. Why do you think it is ok to treat these poor animals like that? If you do participate in these and you are reading this you are probably thinking"i dont need to listen to this 11 year old kid because i am a grown up and i am smarter than him"i hope you see that puppy mills are wrong and abusive and need to be stopped!

Laura Moran

I've had dogs since 1967 & I've never gotten one from a pet store. I didn't know back then what was wrong with most pet stores, but now that I do, I never will. 3yrs. ago I went to the local shelter & got an 8yr. old cat. He's great!

Meaghan Edwards

For petstores to sell, rather than adopt out, pets. Even small animals suffer as a result of mills. The big box pet stores which promote dog and cat adoptions, source their small animals from mills. Adopt, don't shop.

Carol Wetmore

Fancy Pups in Avenel, NJ has many charges against him. Our (in my opinion) Woodbridge, NJ is a crooked town. Evem the Mayor Mac won't shut him down.


Petland at 12005 West Center Rd, Omaha has been out of business for a while. the storefront is cleaned out and up for rent. Yay!

Susan B.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for putting together this information. Now if the rest of us will share this information and get the word out maybe we can shut the puppy mills down. If people don't buy they cannot survive!


Would you please review and confirm that the information provided here is completely factual? You are listing major corporations, slandering their names, but I fail to see any proof.

The PetSmart page has a link to pair people with dogs, you can search by any parameters, and the website leads you to, most often, a grown dog, not a puppy. not a cage of puppies. But a dog with a story, a dog that needs a home. This does not impress me as a company supporting "puppy mills"


what is going on im getting really upset. I keep adopting and rescuing because animals need someone to love them. do not understand this where ther voice we fight and then shelters turn agenst this animals and kill them when thats suppose to be a safe place wrong. There just as bad as puppy mills and petstores and animale abusers. I really wish instead of all this people talking how bad all this stuff is rescue save them. i know i will rescue and rescue .