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Springsteen Daughter’s Appeal to Gov. Christie: Sign Horse Slaughter Ban!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 10:00am
horse face

Back in June, the New Jersey Legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill to prohibit the slaughter, transport, and sale of horses for human consumption within the state. Unfortunately, Governor Chris Christie has not yet signed the bill into law, and it’s not clear that he intends to.

With the clock ticking, several prominent New Jersey horse owners, equestrians and animal advocates, including Jessica Springsteen—daughter of Bruce—have sent a letter to Governor Chris Christie urging him to approve the horse slaughter ban. Christie is famously a huge Bruce Springsteen fan: Will a direct plea from The Boss’s daughter move him to finally act?

Americans don’t eat horse meat (it is shipped overseas), and 80% of American voters are opposed to the slaughter of U.S. horses for human consumption. What are you waiting for, Governor Christie?

See our latest press release to read a portion of the letter to the governor and learn more about New Jersey’s pending horse slaughter ban. And if you live in New Jersey, we urge you to send your own letter to the governor—visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to get started!

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Phyllis Huang

We have to protect these beautiful, innocent creatures.

Brandy Sucharewicz

Please stop this!!!

Wendy Provost

Please stop the cruelty on horses. It wrong and the government knows this. These are heartless human that are allowing this to occur! Makes me fighting mad and sick to my stomach.

Brandy Horton

Please stop the horse slaughter!!!

Ms JoAnne Perdue

there are countless animals slaughtered in the US and half of their meat goes into trash well these animals are not trash !!

Robin Flowers

Go for the Springsteen Appeal... STOP HORSE SLAUGHTERS

Lilli M. Statler

Please sign a bill that would stop the slaughtering of horses.

Peggy Yost

American horses slaughtered for consumption overseas!! Outrageous 12 ways until Sunday. Sign the bill Gov. Christie, n-o-w!


Ok now I'm am angry wtf? What is happening I did not know this crap was
Going on horses for consumption sorry wtf I normally don't curse I am
Going to now activate myself to fight this this must stop today!!!!


And you call yourself a human.