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Shame on Aflac for Letting Duck Loose in NYC Subway

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 1:15pm
Shame on Aflac for Letting Duck Loose in NYC Subway

We loathe giving Aflac any more media attention than they have already received, but we can’t keep our mouths shut about the recent PR stunt they pulled. If you haven’t yet heard, Aflac recently let a duck loose into a busy New York City subway station and began tweeting about it, ruffling our feathers in the process! The duck, representing their famed mascot, drew quite a bit of attention—but at what cost?

NYC subway stations are noisy, crowded, and let’s face it, pretty dirty places. The hazards that could have harmed our small feathered friend are too numerous to count. We’re appalled that Aflac would pull such a stunt.

Do you think this PR stunt went too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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laura New

the stress and utmost fear must have been awful for this baby! how about throwing them into a cage with tigers and lions and see how they feel

[email protected]

i hope all Animal abusers go too hell.

Jamie Woods

I completely agree!


I agree. I can't get near the ducks that walk by my house in a quiet neighborhood. I would hate to see the poor little things in a place like that!

Dose of Reality

Sorry(not really) to ruffle feathers(pun intended), but, um- it's a BIRD! I wish you all would dedicate your cares and fears to the nearly 57 million babies murdered in the US alone since 1970 (2,900 today alone!) or the 16,000 children that die every year from starvation (that's 1 every 5 seconds) or the 20,000 kids every year that age out waiting to be adopted...20,000 of 104,000 kids in the US alone waiting to be adopted. I hope you realize that these aren't mere numbers. These aren't stats. These are kids, REAL HUMAN KIDS! I hope you shed a tear for them while you were crying about a BIRD walking around a subway(I bet there are some pissed off pigeons, because no-one advocates for the ones that have to live in those FILTHY subways! Bless their hearts!)


THIS IS AN ANIMAL WEBSITE...not a platform for your abortion views


Thank you!


Exactly, what do you think you're doing. There's several issues go to the correct website.

Dose of Reality

Funny how you only magnified what I said about murdering children, instead of anything else. I didn't raise a political issue, I raised a global human-life suffering issue. And, freedom of speech, right?

Andrea Gomez

For us animal lovers, ANY LIVING BEING is worth respect. That's why we don't discriminate species..we see each other as equals. Yeah it's cool you advocate about babies...but please do not come here to give us your "dose of reality" because caring about babies and not about all other animals make you as bad as the people you are against. WE RESPECT AND CARE ALL FORMS OF LIFE.