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Friday, August 31, 2012 - 1:00pm
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Guest blog written by Annette Vivian, author of Snoopy’s Dogblog.

I used to think that in order for my dog to work as a therapy pet he would have to be the most perfect pooch! That was until my mischievous little pup, Snoopy, passed his therapy dog assessment test with flying colors.

Turns out, Snoopy’s playful personality didn’t mean he couldn’t be a great therapy dog. I trained Snoopy to be sociable with children, adults and other dogs from the time he was a puppy. I also took him with me everywhere I went to help him get used to new environments. This allowed him to become relaxed on car rides. Now he loves going out on adventures!

As a therapy dog, Snoopy goes mainly to retirement and convalescent homes. The moment Snoopy walks into the homes, he is greeted with smiles and questions from the residents and staff. Some people just want to sit and pet him, and he would stay all day if he could—he just loves the attention. It really makes my day seeing all the joy he brings to others.

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Good job Snoopy! That's awesome that you bring a smile to everyone's face. When we were raising Dublin as a guide dog pup we would take him to the nursing home to visit my grandma. Of course he also got to visit all the other patients in the home as well. He got to see people in wheel chairs, on crutches, and just lying in their beds which is great training for a guide pup in training.


i have had my dog since she 3 weeks old. i have epilepsy & she can sense when i am going to have a seizure & she will get up beside me on the bed & lay there & when i do have one she will lick my arm until i come out of the seizure. she will also lick my hand & face.

Dezirae and Myrna

Hi this is Myrna and Dezirae from Houston Texas,
We really enjoy your blog and organization and everything you stand for. We are aspiring veterinarians and would like to volunteer. We are completely against animal cruelty we have some questions about volunteering. Such as What days we can volunteer, how old we have to be, and what is the paperwork? Again we love your blog and everything you do.
Myrna and Dezirae