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Larry Runs LA

Friday, August 31, 2012 - 11:00am
larry the dog mascot holding a sign that says "GO TEAM ASPCA"

If you’ve visited, you already know that Larry the dog, the No Pet Store Puppies campaign mascot, is serious about ending puppy mills.

This October 28, Larry’s going to step up his game and take some real action for dogs in puppy mills. He’s going to raise money for animals, increase awareness about puppy mills, and work off the weight he put on over the summer by running the Los Angeles Rock N Roll Half Marathon as part of Team ASPCA.

Don’t think our giant dog has what it takes to run a half-marathon? Look, we’re not saying it’s going to be easy. Not every canine is cut out for running long distances, especially six-foot-tall spokesdogs who walk on two legs. But Larry’s going to give it his best shot, and now’s your chance to support him.

Larry needs your help to stay focused on the finish line. To see Larry’s video announcement about joining Team ASPCA and to support him in his efforts, visit
Larry’s Team ASPCA page.

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PLEASE HELP We are not asking you for money. -We are asking you to SHARE- this important message with your family, friends, and wider networks. Every State has "Aggressive Dog OWNER Laws" so no matter where you are from your voice counts.. thank-you for your support ♥ We urgently need as many people as possible to join this Cause & to sign the petition:


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