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Hurricane Isaac Response: ASPCA on the Ground

Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 5:00pm

As you know, exactly seven years after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Isaac is devastating Gulf Coast communities. Waist-high flooding has forced thousands to evacuate their homes, and as first responders work to rescue people stranded by the storm, the ASPCA is planning rescue operations for stranded and imperiled animals.

The ASPCA’s response to this crisis is only just beginning and is evolving by the minute, but we have taken the following measures:

  • Our top experts are working closely with the Louisiana State Animal Response Team to plan and execute rescue.
  • We’re deploying responders to conduct door-to-door rescue of animals in flooded or abandoned homes.
  • We’re assisting a Louisiana animal shelter facing flooding.
  • We are supplying boats and other equipment for critical water rescue missions.
  • We transported animals from a Mississippi shelter to make room for possible Isaac victims.

If you’re seeking a way to help, you can make a gift to the ASPCA here. The ASPCA relies on the support of compassionate people like you to conduct rescues like this one and to assist animals facing other crises.

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Will the dogs actually be rescued or will be be hauled off to Houston or some other death camp to be killed? It is great publicity for your organization to solicite donations to add more lining to your deep pockets. Shame on you. While small rescues and shelters struggle to really help you kill.


Love it that you're right in there, providing supplies and helping to rescue & evacuate the animals. I also hope that they're being sent to NO KILL facilities rather than to any old "shelter" that doesn't apply the NO KILL programs.

Carolyn Waters

I am glad you are helping the animals, but unlike Katrina, I hope the animalswill be available for their owners to reclaim and not shipped off across the country without the owners knowing where they are. During Katrina small small rescue groups swooped in and took animals up North and no one kept track of who left or who they belonged to. That is cruel, not helpful.

M Maria

they are dying in mud. they probably can't be rescued but can someone please go euthanize them.

Luna Rabalais

I live here in Louisiana volunteer at an animal shelter as well and am currently housing 22 animals, 8 of my own the rest found hungry probably more scared than anything. Please do not send insensitive material like this to me regarding animals in my state. I sincerely hope you can help you will need food for large livestock the cows are hungry and frightened rescue workers are trying. There is a vet who stayed behind in Tangipahoa parish though he is flooded to help them. Try wwltv for info. My heart breaks every time for all of this. I currently have a safe place no power like most but a generator was given to me. I have 1 cat on IV another of my own w/one lung & another 1 kidney. If you need help contacts or an animal that is ill and requires meds in frig I can keep them on temp basis. Lots of flooding be careful best of luck.


Wow. It is so easy to judge. Are you all willing to take in a rescue or two into your home? And care for it out of your own pocket in hopes that the owner will come looking for it? I thought not. At least ASPCA and the rescue teams are trying to save animal lives. Step up and help.

Carol Guzy

All updates on Isaac rescue efforts and any other info about ASPCA


Please do not be disheartened by the cruel comments of some. The majority join you in your wonderful efforts on behalf of the animals. God bless you for caring and all the hard work that this kind of effort requires.

Christine Wright

I live in CT but called the mayors office in New Orleans and Fox News prior to the storms arrival begging them to ask residents who are under mandatory evacuation to please take their pets with them. I suggested there be somewhere these animals could be safely sheltered if owners had no way to bring them. So once again we have stranded and drowned animals. Frustrating and heartbreaking. Most of those who do not evacuate will not because of their pets. Better facilities need to be available for these owners and their animals.


I am so confused as to where the animals are going and what to believe. I live in Utah where Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is. Are some of the animals being sent there? What else can we do besides donate money?