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Molly and Joey Join Forces for No Pet Store Puppies Day

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 10:15am
Puppy and baby girl sitting next to each other

July 21 is “No Pet Store Puppies Day,” and we’re celebrating the third year of our campaign to put an end to puppy mills. If you’re looking for an opportunity to get involved, we know someone looking for help—meet Molly!

Molly, along with her faithful pup, Joey, is out to teach the world all about puppy mills and why you shouldn’t shop at pet stores that sell puppies.

Molly and Joey want to make sure their message reaches as many people as possible, so please share their video with the hashtag #MeetMolly after you’ve watched it.

Join Our Puppy Mill Twitter Chat
Next week we’re hosting a Puppy Mill Twitter Chat to answer ALL of your questions about puppy mills. Where do pet store puppies come from? What really happens to mill dogs when they can no longer breed? Is my dog from a puppy mill?  How can I help? Join us, and co-hosts Thoughts Fur Paws and Dog Book on Tuesday, July 23, at 1:00 P.M. ET. Use hashtag #ASPCAchat to join the conversation.

For more information on No Pet Store Puppies Day, please visit And remember—adopt, don’t shop!

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So cute

Dorothea J. Knight

Doing away with the sale of pets in Pet Stores does NOT shut dow Puppy Mills. Do away with MDARD & the USDA - control over our Companion Animals - our dogs & cats. Create a commission ourside of the Agricultural Departmen - develope rules and regulations for the governing of Companion Animals , and you'll see a shut down of the Puppy Mill rather than Pet Stores. Please visit


That is so true. The fish stinks from the head down and not buying from pet stores doesn't do enough to stop this abuse. Go to the head and treat the problem.


I agree ! The new Agriculture and USDA bills reek......with provisions tucked in that ruin all the strides we have tried to make to shut down puppy mills. It's all about politics and money - again.


How true this is about money and politics.

Lucy's Mom

I believe that there should be limits on all dog and cat breeding. There are too many animals that die every day on the streets, in the pound, at the shelters. If there were severe limits the mills would have to close down. Respectable breeders who might lose money would surely see that there are too many dogs in shelters and as true animal lovers would want the best for the animals.


That's true. Our local pet store got kittens and puppies from our dog pound. So it actually saved lives.


That was a Great Idea for your pet store ~ but do they adopt them out or just sell to anyone to try and make money ? At least thats one puppy mill sale down ! Good for them if they ADOPT out !


Your are incorrect. If you dry up the source of money (sale of puppies and kittens) you will dry up puppy mills.

Night Hawke

No, you don't dry up the money by a law to stops pet shops from selling puppies and kittens. That is just a drop in the bucket.
How many house holds breed their dogs and sell them on line,
not being Registered kennels. Compare the thousands breeding in residences to a few pet stores. Provincial law should look at that problem rather than pet stores sales. The economy is so bad the people get rid of their pets and rehome or take them to
shelters. If they can pass a law prohibiting pit bulls breeding and other species they can prohibit residences from breeding
their dogs too.