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Victory—U.S. Horse Slaughter Rejected by U.S. House Committee!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 3:30pm

Horse lovers across America can celebrate a big victory. The U.S. House Appropriations Committee just approved an amendment that will prevent taxpayer dollars from being used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to inspect U.S. horse slaughter facilities. By blocking this federal funding, the House has taken its first step to ensure that horse slaughter facilities cannot legally operate on U.S. soil. We will need your help to ensure this provision gets through the whole House and the Senate, so stay tuned for upcoming advocacy alerts.

While our current Congress has prided itself on reducing government spending, last year's agriculture funding bill actually omitted this provision—opening the U.S. market to the horse slaughter industry.

"Using taxpayer dollars to fund this abhorrent industry is a wildly unpopular decision," says Nancy Perry, ASPCA Senior Vice President of Government Relations. "At a time when funding for many vital programs is being cut, it is imperative that Congress not use $5 million of taxpayers' money to fund horse slaughter, a cruel practice that benefits only foreign interests."

Take Action!
Rep. Moran’s amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations bill protects American communities from the devastating environmental and economic impact of horse slaughter facilities, but the bill still has to pass the full House of Representatives. The House will vote on the bill on Tuesday, June 26. Please contact your U.S. representative today and urge him or her to pass the bill with the Moran Amendment intact and reject any attempts to fund horse slaughter during fiscal year 2013!



I think that as horse lovers, we should try to do something to help stop the horse slaughter in the U.S. Remember that we are the animal advocates of the u.s.
Remember that we are their voice.


We are all animal lovers and can not stand animals being tortured aor slaughtered,why cant we change all of this?Why do we let it happen?We can put pressure on politicians,we all vote,we can stop horses being shipped to other countries,stop animal abuse,make sure there is regulations and everyone applies them,etc....We,animal lovers are the ones that can make this happen,not just through animal rights organizations,but US,the People,and we can not do it individually.

Annette Gregory

Well said. I couldn't agree with you more. People, need to act and think more responsibly and not think only of their pockets or frivoloties.

Judy Day-Schubert

so right
Horses are hauled there from here everyday in horrible conditions too some don't make the trip, no food or water in very hot condition crowed too, so what is the answer, not to allow shipping to these places? just a thought.


Lancey Taylor

My feeling is that there is such over breeding in the race industry. It is so inhumane that they are shipped to Canada, this has to stop, if it can't I believe it would be more humane to have them slaughtered in this country under controlled conditions where they would not suffer pain. There is no place for all the horses. I am a life time horse lover, I have two of my own who will never have to be slaughtered as I have a life time commitment to them. I wish all horses could have the same chance.


There is no such thing as "humane" slaughter of ANY animal, much less a horse. Horse slaughter has to stop and shipment of horses to Mexico, Canada or ANY other country that slaughters has to stop. Hound your Reps and Senators--pay attention to how they vote and keep it in mind when YOU vote!


I live in Canada and as far as Im concerned I would love to see it abolished here too. I don't agree with it.

Vicky Bevis

Well, do what we do: since the 70's when it became known that Canada was slaughtering baby seals, DON'T GO THERE....................Mexico too................& use the ASPCA notifications to let them know your vacation dollars won't be used in their countries. Works for us esp. since we are now retired & 78,000,000 Boombers are coming along after us.

Judy Gaddis

"Horse meat is good and good for you"???????? What ARE you? Some kind of barbarian????? To post THAT kind of a comment here is just WRONG and if you were looking for a fight you have succeeded.

Horses, just like dogs and cats, were domesticated to be pets and animal COMPANIONS for humans NOT as a food source. The conditions under which the slaughter of animals MEANT for human consumption are bad enough and need our help in being changed. No HORSE should EVER end up on a dinner plate -- I don't care if it should be discovered to contain the cure for CANCER!

Yes, that may sound extreme but so was YOUR unwelcome-here comment. Go live in Europe!

Linda Gogenola

Besides being the most barbarick thing you can do to a animal. If you do eat the meat(disgusting) its full of BUTTE and hundreds of other drugs. so when you come down with some weird disease don't be sueing for something you should never have done in the first place.
People thee are all kinds of sites where you can help either with fostering a horse or helping to feed.. This horrid action has to be stopped now!!!!!!!!!