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Four Must-Do’s for Vacationing with Your Pet!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 12:00pm

Can’t stand leaving your pet behind on vacation? You don’t have to! More people are choosing to include their companions in family vacations than ever before. Just keep in mind that a bit of extra planning—and packing—may be in order.

- Time for a check-up. A trip to the vet is a good idea. You want to make sure all vaccinations are up to date before you hit the open road.

- Location! Location! Location! It's essential to make sure your accommodations, be they hotel or apartment, are pet-friendly. Otherwise, you could be in for a really unpleasant surprise when you arrive at your destination.

- Prevention is key. Mistakes happen, so make sure your pet has a microchip and is wearing a collar and ID tag.

- Pack for your pup! Be sure to bring along all of the necessary supplies to care for your pet. Double check to make sure you have a crate, toys, plenty of food and a doggy seatbelt!

Check out these ASPCA pet travel essentials!

Water Bowl

2-in-1 Food/Water Bowl

These portable travel bowls hold both food and water—and fold flat for easy storage.

Car Harness
Just like a human seatbelt, this dog harness is your pooch’s first line of safety when traveling by car.


Floppy Moppy Plush
Car rides can be boring! This fun mop-style plush will keep any doggie engaged for hours.

Have fun!