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ASPCA and Nickelodeon Team Up for “Paw Patrol”

Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 10:00am
ASPCA and Nick Jr. Team Up for “Paw Patrol”

Exciting news for parents with toddlers: The ASPCA has partnered with Nickelodeon on its new show “Paw Patrol.” The show features super-cute puppies on a mission to help people and animals in their community of Adventure Bay. Check it out over at Nick Jr.

We’ll have updates on “Paw Patrol” at ASPCA Parents, our new blog for parents of kids who love animals—coming soon!

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I love this!!!! I'm pleased to see a show that will promote kindness and empathy to pets and people. The sooner the children learn kindness and empathy to all living beings, the better it is for all of us. Thank you!


I know!! I really like Chase!


i agree with u and the pupies are so cute

Sharon Bice

This is great! I am especially excited about the blog. Very frustrated at not being able to find a shelter that my 8 year old daughter can help at. Growing up, I was dropped off at the shelter during summers and it was wonderful to be able to help and learn when young. We are unable to foster, so that is one route that we can't take as well. Any thoughts on this would be great. We live in the ABQ area and I was the one who brought the ASPCA to Animal Protection New Mexico and am thrilled at all of the support your organization has given to our state. You are a great big organization that is able to help on so many different levels - from tv shows for kids to donating time and money to help small shelters in a small state.


Why did the ASPCA do away with their Humane Education Department and fire all those employees? The ASPCA used to have a Parenting Blog, created by the Humane Education department, a scant three years ago. They also didn't believe in anthropomorphizing animals. Wow, have times have changed.


I don't really know why.

Johnny Carrer

I love This New TV show I love Paw Patrol Show I love Puppies especialed the Damatian one The Fire Puppy Go Paw Patrol


This show is great, my almost 2 year old daughter, loves it. When I ask her what she wants to watch she says the "puppies".


My grand kids love the show. We've all picked out our favorite pup.

jammie brown

my kids love that show my girls get all happy when they know the show is coming on and i love the show cuz it teches good things to the kids. thank u for making this show