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Hundreds of Caboodle Cats Go Home

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 1:00pm
rescued cat

Hundreds of cats rescued from an environment of terrible neglect are receiving loving care in new homes this week. The ASPCA helped multiple agencies in Florida adopt out the cats during three major adoption events on August 11 and 12.

The events, hosted by the Jacksonville Humane Society, Cat Depot and Humane Society of Pinellas (with assistance from Bay Area DART), drew more than 1,600 people to cities across Florida to adopt hundreds of cats rescued in late February from Caboodle Ranch.

This Saturday, August 18, the Halifax Humane Society is hosting another event to find homes for some of the remaining cats with special needs, including those who are FIV-positive or have feline leukemia. Please see the details below.

What: Halifax Humane Society Adoption Event
When: Saturday, August 18, 10:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M.
Where: Volusia County Fairgrounds (Hester Building) 3150 E. New York Avenue (State Road 44) DeLand, FL
How to Adopt:Potential adopters should bring with them one government-issued photo ID (i.e., driver’s license, passport, military ID or non-driver ID) and proof of address.

With your help, the ASPCA is able to rescue animals across the country. Your gift today will make a critical difference for thousands of others who need our help. Thank you for making a tangible difference in the lives of homeless cats and dogs.

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Jean Thorne

It would have been better if the ASPCA had stepped in and helped this man who was trying to rescue these cats instead of waiting and turning him into a monster which he is not. Needed help, not condemation. I sent my donation to his legal fund.


Craig Grant is a sick man and needs medical help for his conditions. Think about it, many people and groups offered to help this man but he continually pushed people away because he does not have any skills in dealing with humans.This is mental illness and not so much a crime but his misuse of donations is fraud and should be punished accordingly. How can anyone possibly help so many cats all by themselves and with no staff or proper spay/neuter & medical care>? One would have to be unstable to think that one person and a few friends can manage the care of 700 cats. I am appalled by the number of people who still send money to support Craig Grant. Perhaps, if you really want to help him, you would hire a proper psychotherapist so that he can get counseling to deal with his condition and better cope with life. I feel that the courts should prohibit CG from owning ANY animals UNTIL he has gone through a few years of mental health treatment/counseling and been cleared as a recovering hoarder. Even after he is cleared there should be a limit on the number of pets he can legally own./In recovery he should have no more than 5 pets. If I were the judge that would be an absolute stipulation. I have no doubt that the man cares about the cats and had all good intentions to start. However, it is unrealistic to think that he could manage 700 cats. Sending money to his legal fund is not helping the cats whatsoever. Why not send a donation to help the cats instead? I don't get it at all! Crazy!


Maybe he should have "ASKED" for help.I don't think he is capable of taking on this type of enormous task if he can't ask or even recognize that he needs help. Good intentions just aren't enough when lives are at stake. Seems to me your donation is a little too late, maybe you and friends, neighbors and the community should have donated money and time when it was truly needed for this man to succeed in such a worthy cause. Your donation to ASPCA would have been put to much better use caring for those poor, sick, depressed animals. They were right there in front of his own eyes, yes this is his fault. He should reached out for help.

Terri Halle

Why were all the cats taken from this man, who is obviously mentally ill and suffering with a hoarding disorder, but yet he was allowed to then adopt more animals to bring home, including 2 dogs? Is this right or just more internet rumors? Did he really get other animals, without getting medical help first? Something is really, REALLY not right about this whole situation.


I agree with the above comment that this individual who was
doing his best to care for these cats should have received
assistance with his efforts instead of being villified.

I realize that things got out of hand with regard to the number
of cats he was trying to help but why didn't ASPCA help sooner???

Hazel Blumberg-McKee

I had the opportunity to visit the Caboodle Ranch, and so impressed was I that I left four of my cats with Craig. Craig was very vigilant about caring for the cats, getting them regular vet care, and providing a wonderful life for them. It disgusts me that he's being called a hoarder and someone who's mentally ill. He is neither. He was always open about the difficulties of upper respiratory infections among the cat population; I've seen such difficulties in vet clinics in which I've worked. The ASPCA or PETA or someone, if they really wanted to help Craig, rather than simply spy on him and destroy his reputation, should have offered to help. But they didn't. I will be contributing to Craig's defense fund. He deserves it and does not deserve the villification. I am amazed that the ASPCA has actually stepped in to help. Whenever I've called the ASPCA in my region of the state, I have been told that the organization "can't do anything." I am not impressed with the ASPCA or with PETA.

Leslie Ramalho

Yay!!! Glad this worked out for all of the adoptees! This was so out of hand, it's ridiculous. Someone should have alerted someone about this problem before it was allowed to go so far. I'm happy for all the kitties with new, happy, and safe forever homes!


It's easy to say that he should have been offered more help, but as the one in charge of the sanctuary, he should be providing all animals in his care with proper food and medical. This includes not accepting more cats than he can properly care for. It's expensive, and time consuming, but of you aren't in a position to do it properly, or of you are no longer in a position to do it properly, you need to seek help for the animals yourself. Maybe the man has mental illness or hoarding issues, maybe he just got overwhelmed, and I feel for him, I'm sure his heart was in the right place, but that's not to take precedent over the welfare of all animals involved. The ASPCA cared for these animals, and many of them are getting a second or third chance at happiness.


Bottom line, if you can't care for your animals, you shouldn't have animals, no matter the reason. I'm glad the ASPCA steps in when owners have failed to meet their responsibilities. You can bellyache about this all you want, and it's a sad situation, but the cats should be the main concern of any animal


Knowing the facts, if you go back and watch Craig's own You Tube videos, you can see the cats scratching fleas, cats that are underfed, cats with tipped ears. You can see how desperate they were for attention. Thank you for all who were involved in saving these kitties. I hope they all find homes where they have fresh food, beds to sleep on, laps to sit on and all the love they deserve. Thank you, ASPCA.