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ASPCA Rescues 367 Dogs in Multi-State Dog Fighting Bust

Monday, August 26, 2013 - 12:00pm
Breaking News: ASPCA Rescues 367 Dogs in Multi-State Dog Fighting Bust

At the request of the United States Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the ASPCA is on the ground assisting in a multi-state, federal dog fighting raid across the southern U.S. Hundreds of dogs have been seized in the case along with suspected dog fighting paraphernalia.

After a three-year investigation initiated by the Auburn Police, 13 search warrants were executed Friday morning, Aug. 23, throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas. Ten suspects were arrested and indicted on felony dog fighting charges. Federal and local officials also seized firearms and drugs, as well as more than $500,000 in cash from dog fighting gambling activities that took place over the course of the investigation.

The dogs, ranging in age from just several days to 10-12 years, had been left to suffer in extreme heat with no visible fresh water or food. Many are emaciated with scars and wounds consistent with dog fighting, and some were tethered by chains and cables that were attached to cinder blocks and car tires.

ASPCA responders and responders from The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) helped manage the removal and transport of the dogs to temporary emergency shelters in undisclosed locations, where responders are providing veterinary care and behavior enrichment. Responders also assisted authorities with collecting forensic evidence to be submitted for prosecution.

Other animal welfare groups assisting with the operation include Florida State Animal Response Coalition and Sumter Disaster Animal Response Team (Bushnell, Fla.); University of Florida (Gainesville); Humane Society of South Mississippi (Gulfport); International Fund for Animal Welfare (Yarmouth Port, Mass.); Asheville Humane Society (Asheville, N.C.); Charleston Animal Society (Charleston, S.C.); Louisiana SPCA (New Orleans); American Humane Association (Washington, D.C.); Greater Birmingham Humane Society (Birmingham, Ala.); Atlanta Humane Society (Atlanta, Ga.); PetSmart Charities (Phoenix, Ariz.); Code 3 Associates (Longmont, Colo.); and Montgomery Humane Society (Montgomery, Ala.).

Our responders are still on the ground, and we’ll provide updates as the case unfolds. Stay tuned to for more news to come. Follow the conversation on Twitter using hashtag #367rescue.

Dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Together we can save animals from lives of abuse.




Yes, we make our own choices, and it is our fault as people that this happened to these animals. But it is also OUR doing that they are saved, not gods. God did nothing for these animals. WE saved them. Us and ONLY us. Don't the take credit away from the ASPCA, police department, court system and every individual who made this happen and give that credit to god, because he didn't save these animals.


This just proves that there is also a devil, which shows what side people decide to go with.


Totally agree sk.


JB grow up. Be God like and save the animals who are in distress. Don't you understand that the devil is alive,well and working very hard in this world. JB be part of the solution and not the problem.


oh JB, I understand where you are coming from. I have found myself asking, why would god let this happen when my mom suffered tragically for months, faught for her life but died anyway. I wish there were a god that could conrtol the evil people do, and a devil we could selfishly and neatly blame for the bad. The way I try to see it, thank god that someone, maybe god helped, was able to find these babies and save them. We can all do something that a god or many gods can't do... give these organizations money to keep up the fight.


I understand your anger, yes it is mans choice and what we need to do is make life harder for the criminals, not just slap them on the wrist. No one is afraid of the law anymore, so evil men run wild.


god loves all his animals we have a choice so it is man that this is the fault of.


God loves all his animals? Even the ones we are encouraged to eat? The ones that spend their life tortured in cages, never to see the sunlight until they are slaughtered just for us to have a one nice meaty meal? If that is gods love, keep it.

Dorie Bellemare

That is so not true! God is not to blame for us. He gave us free will and these evil a holes were led by the devil who is active among us...My heart breaks for these poor sweethearts but thank God that something finally happened. May it continue and all of these creeps get caught and trust me if they get away with it they will rot in hell for ETERNITY.


I know you are angry that evil happens. But why is God the object of your wrath. He gives us free will and does not force us to do the right thing. Humans can choose to do right or be seduced by evil and do wrong. God is also a just God, though, and He will hand us over to our wicked ways if that's what we choose to do. These dogs suffer as a result of humans choices, not God's choices.