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ASPCA Arrests Woman for Abandoning Dog at Local Park

Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 11:30am
rescued dog

How can anyone just abandon a dog? We may never fully understand the motives behind such senseless acts—especially when there are so many options—but that is exactly what Patricia Reddick allegedly did to her one-year-old Spaniel mix, Marley.

On June 23, a passerby came across Marley tied to a fence in a park. The concerned person called Animal Care & Control, whose officers picked up the dog and took her to their Manhattan facility. Shortly thereafter, our team was notified and we transferred the skinny and dehydrated pup to the ASPCA Animal Hospital for immediate treatment.

“Marley was left to fend for herself, which, in addition to being illegal, is a violation of the trust your pet puts in you,” says Howard Lawrence, Senior Director of Operations for the ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement department. “Thankfully for Marley, a Good Samaritan saw her and contacted the appropriate authorities— she will now have an opportunity to find a loving home.”

Reddick was charged with one count of abandoning an animal, a misdemeanor offense. If convicted, she faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. She is due in Bronx Criminal Court on November 20. Marley is recovering at the hospital and will soon be made available for adoption.

If you feel you can no longer care for your pet, please check out these important tips first. And remember, animal cruelty is a crime in every state—if you see something, call 911. Please join our battle against animal cruelty today!

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Marcy Tumbarello

What is wrong with people? No compassion. While I do not, in any form, agree with what this woman did. I think she put it there in hopes of someone finding it and keeping it. Stupid move obviously but there are also people that leave animals abandoned in homes to slowly die. If anything, she should have left a note and some food and water. People need to realize it's a responsibility to have a pet and they should not be dumpted like trash. Poor pup, at least now it will find a good home. Thanks to the passer by who got involved. Good Luck Marley <3


I completely agree. I know it's not considered "right" but I am also beginning to appreciate animal company over human. Would this woman tie up her child to a fence? She might actually - I just wish the penalties were more severe. People found guilty of animal cruelty should have to register like a sex offender so they can't go out and get another animal they like better or whatever. Makes me want to growl and bite


You are so right

Sidney Hardie

Kudos to everyone involved in the rescue, including the ASPCA, but does the ASPCA really have the authority to arrest people?

Sidney Hardie

My apologies .. Should have researched it first .. per Wikipedia, you do have the authority to make arrests.

Power and Authority of ASPCA Law Enforcement Officers

ASPCA law enforcement officers are New York State peace officers under NYS Criminal Procedure Law 2.10[2] and may make arrests, use physical and deadly force, make car stops, issue summonses, and carry and use firearms, batons, pepper spray, and handcuffs.
ASPCA Law Enforcement officers may seize any stray or abandoned animal on public streets in accordance with N.Y. Agriculture & Market laws Section 373 subsection 1.[3]
ASPCA Law Enforcement officers may lawfully seize any animal on private property that has been kept for more than 12 hours in an unhealthy, dangerous or unsanitary condition in accordance with NY Agriculture and Markets Law Section 373 subsection 2 provided a complaint has been filed.[4]
ASPCA Law Enforcement officers with a court order may make regular visits to any residence or establishment where an animal is being kept to check to see if the animal is receiving necessary food, water and care according to N.Y. Agriculture & Market law Section 373 subsection 7.[4]
NYS Agriculture and Markets Law Section 371 permits an ASPCA Law Enforcement officer to "interfere to prevent the perpetration of any act of cruelty upon any animal" in the presence of the ASPCA officer.[4]

Julie Giles

Hi. Regarding the SPCA and their authority to arrest someone: I know in Delaware there are two State Troopers whose sole responsibility is to investigate and prosecute people for violations of animal welfare laws. Probably that is what happened here: when SPCA called the police, they sent their specialists to make the arrest. After that, prosecution is analogous to any other crime.

Regarding this crime, it breaks my heart to think of that poor dog TIED UP for who knows how long. At least leave her running free so she can find food and water! What a heartless, cold, compassion-less, irresponsible ________. Sometimes I really hate human beings.


i guess she had to tie it to keep it there, but she should have lft food and water . Some other animal would probably have injured the dog to get the food . What I don't understnd is why people take dogs and cats a long way out into rural areas , even wilderness areas and "dump' them with no homes nearby , no food or water. Back in May someone "dumped" 2 young labs in the National Forest area with homes miles away. One of the dogs was caught by Animal Control, the other hassurvived ther by standing beside the gravel road and passerbys have fed her. She had water from the river. this dog took days to capture and rescue the past 2 months . She finally was rescued this past week by an nice good samaratin that didn't give up. the are that she was in has lots of swimmers, kayakers, and tubers in summer but what would she have done when they are not going by? At least dump them where someone can rescue them.

Julie Wheeler

I don't understand it either! What are people thinking?? We just adopted a dog that was left to die in the woods, had somehow gotten a broken leg which healed poorly and had to be amputated. This dog is the sweetest dog I've ever met.... We are thrilled to have him! His perseverance and love of life are an inspiration! I'm proud that he is our newest family member and just plain cannot understand how any person could just leave him to die. It makes me sick! Bless the people that found him and nursed him back to health.


she deserves worse! her fine and jail time do not create Justice. No animals deseves to be so gravely mistreated! She is a selfish heartless useless piece of garbage!


unfortunatly if she goes to prison she be fed and watered