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Tammy's Story

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 4:00pm

What would happen to my pet if something happened to me? That thought has crossed most pet parents’ minds, but most of us never have to learn the answer.

Tammy’s dad wasn’t so lucky.

Tammy was adopted from the ASPCA in 2007 when she was a kitten. Over the next three years, she grew very close to her dad, but their time together turned out to be too short. Tammy’s dad suddenly became gravely ill and unable to care for his beloved cat, and he had to return her to the ASPCA.

Tammy is safe and well-cared for at our Adoption Center, but shelter life just doesn’t suit her. She’s a girl who needs to be in a home, and today she marks her 630th consecutive day in our care.

Why do adopters pass Tammy by? Though she’s gorgeous, with bright eyes and one ear that’s missing a chunk, many people are put off by her age (five) and the prospect of buying her prescription food. (It costs about $35 a month, and Tammy needs it to keep her kidneys healthy.)

And though Tammy is very social, friendly and loving, she’s a bit shy at first. In fact, sometimes when adopters come to meet her, she hides her little face in her kitty bed. She just needs time to make a connection.

Though we’ve done everything in our power to make Tammy comfortable—including giving her a stay in office foster care—only one thing would really make her happy: being part of a loving family again.

Might you be the person who sees past Tammy’s initial shyness and notices the beautiful kitty soul that she is? If you live in a 10-and-up home that’s a bit on the quiet side, consider calling our Animal Placement department in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900, about Tammy.

And please share her with your network. She’s been waiting so long!