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Is Your Pet a Gold Medalist?

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 12:15pm

The 2012 London Summer Games are officially upon us, and while it’s tempting to spend all day in front of the boob tube absorbing all the action, why not take advantage of the dog days of summer to engage in your own feats of strength and develop your athletic prowess?

Here’s a motivator—adding your pets into the mix makes exercise both more fun and more adorable.

We bet your pet would love a learning a new sport or trick with you! Whether it’s running, hiking, dog sports such as agility or just a vigorous game of fetch or hide-and-seek, exercise is great for pets’ health and keeps them mentally stimulated, balanced and happy.

So let the Summer Games inspire you and your four-legged teammates to get moving!

For more ideas, check out our top ways to keep your pet happy and active.

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Every pet of ours has their own capability to shine. We just need to spend our time to them in training and practicing them for such tricks and talents.


Will you trade me a dog for 50 pound dog bag for 12 mounts


My dog amazes me every day. She is so smart and so athletic. She always wants to run when I want to walk. She motivates me to exercise just a little bit harder.


I agree ...what does that mean?
re:matthew 7/27/12 10:11 A.M.

Barb LaPierre

SarahCat is normally a restrained, quiet, queenly lady. But when sever storms are in the offing,she turns into a noisy, broad jumping dervish. (She is a better prognosticator than most meteorologists...when Sarah starts moving, I get the "go to basement" bag out of the closet.)


My German Shepherd is a rescue from a local shelter. He tested positive with heartworm, but my vet helped us to get Immidicide treatment and now he is a healthy and active boy. we just love him and named him Scout. He is really fast and we would like to get him involved in an agility program. We live in New York, just 1/2 hour north of the city. any programs you can recommend? Thanks,


Thank you for the information about the Portchester Dog Obedience Club. I will check into it. My dog thanks you!


Carla Parker

I would realy like to know what kind of little golden dog that is in the cover picture of "Is your pet a gold metalist". I have a little boy "my puppy son" that looks exactly like him that has been with me for over 5 years now. My boys legs might be quite so long but otherwise he looks the same. Can anyone help me?

Theresa Anderson

I rescued a dog from a shelter that looks identicle to this one and she was genetically identified as a feist. Very fast and smart.

Carla Parker

Thank you. Never heard of that breed before!