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Help This Video Go Viral—Please Share!

Monday, June 11, 2012 - 11:00am

It's a bird. It's a plane. No…it's a Hover Cat! Special thanks to ABC's Good Morning America anchor Dan Harris for making a soon-to-be-viral YouTube video that features adoptable pets. The video also stars Dan's adopted cat, George, whose incredible talents spring to life as soon as Dan leaves for work. This cat seriously knows how to keep a beat!

While the cuteness can't be ignored, neither can the video's ultimate message: Adopting a pet is awesome!  So go ahead, take a peek…and be sure to share! It's a great way to encourage more folks to adopt.

Thanks again, Dan! 

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I love it!!!! Soooo cute! :3


Cute! Very creative !

Charlene Oakley

How did they do that?

Kathy Townsend

This was an absolutely precious video!

Adrian Jurkiw

Thank you for the video, I hope it sends out a great message to find a home for animals.

Melissa Gordon

Thanks Dan and George for this awesome video!


George is beautiful.


Vry cute I wondered what our cats do when we leave them. Now I have visions what my might be doing.

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