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ASPCA Makes Arrests in Two Severe Neglect Cases

Friday, March 8, 2013 - 4:15pm


[Right] Tinkerbell at intake, and again two months after receiving treatment.

The ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) department has made arrests in two truly shocking cases of neglect.

On February 26, HLE Agents arrested Manhattan resident Peter Morin, 60, over the neglect of his 11-year-old Shih Tzu, Tinkerbell.

Staff at a dog grooming salon knew something was wrong when they met Tinkerbell, so they did the right thing: They called the ASPCA. Our Agents located Morin, who agreed to relinquish Tinkerbell. We rushed her to get the veterinary attention she needed.

At ASPCA Animal Hospital, veterinarians found Tinkerbell to be blind and in pain due to untreated kidney disease. They also found her to have dental disease, hair matting, dried discharge, debris all over her coat and overgrown nails.

Under our care, Tinkerbell has regained some sight and is recovering from her other ailments. She’ll eventually be made available for adoption.

[Below] Biggie upon intake at the ASPCA Hospital, and again on the day of his adoption with his new family.


Just a day after Morin’s arrest, ASPCA Agents arrested Brooklyn resident Marvin Silver, 24. Last April, Silver surrendered his dog, a three-year-old Pit mix named Biggie, to Animal Care & Control of NYC.

At the time, Biggie was just 45.2 pounds and showed signs of neglect. Staff at the shelter alerted the ASPCA to his condition, and we responded right away.


ASPCA veterinarians found Biggie to be weak, emaciated and dehydrated. They concluded he had been starved. Two months after receiving treatment, Biggie’s weight increased to 71.1 pounds—a 57 percent gain. Biggie was adopted February 7 by a Staten Island family.

Both Morin and Silver have been charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. If they are convicted, they face up to a year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

If you suspect you’ve witnessed animal abuse or neglect, please report it. You may just save a life.


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How wonderful that this nice family adopted this tortured dog. May Biggie find peace, love and care with these good people. Also, thank you to the Humane Law Enforcement Officers for the difficult, heart and gut wrenching work they do. Blessings all around.


You are safe and cared for now, Tinkerbell. I know that a nice family will come along to adopt you and give you the love you deserve. Thank you and salutes to the marvelous doctors at the ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital for saving Tinkerbell's life and for giving her a real chance at happiness.


There should be prisons where they get reciprocity and are tortured in return, Chain them 24/7, no bathroom,
, daily beatings, etc. And wild lions are guards and the warden a tortured pittbull, Let's see how long animal abuse lasts then.

Samantha Salazar

Animal abuse is so sad to hear about why would we hurt mans bestfriend i cant imagine hurting an animal they feel just like us they cry and suffer they know what pain is poor babys

Cathy M

Morin and Silver got what was coming to them. This is just wrong on all levels. They are luck the charge was not worse. To the adopting family, thank you for giving Tinkerbell a good home.

Vicki Weber

Both before and after pics look like two different dogs. If you don't want to take care of an animal, don't get one. I wish I was allowed to have a cat or small dog in my apartment. Fortunately I can have small animals. I spoil my gerbil rotten and need to get her a new tankmate.

You must have a chemical imbalance or mental illness to think its logically okay to do this to any animal. Because any person in their right mind can't conceive of neglecting an animal this bad or starving it!
I had a pet sitting client of 2 years that I had to report to the County Animal control. I had to think long & hard about the consequences before taking action. She did just what I thought she would - start posting negative reviews about my business. stating "made fraudulent reports to the health department." Thank goodness I was able to rebuttal the negative reviews.
" have pet sat for this cat owner since 2010. When I sat for her 7 cats 7/5/12-7/8/12 the conditions in the home were unsafe, unsanitary & unhealthy. 2 over flowing litter boxes in addition to 30 plastic grocery bags & 4 - 20lbs Tidy Cat plastic bins filled with cat waste. There was urine, feces, and vomit all over the basement. The cats were defecating & urinating wherever they wanted.

The year prior I had voluntarily helped the cat owner when I was caring for her cats by bringing up 3 or 4 - 20lbs Tidy Cat plastic bins filled with cat waste I had found in the basement. I left her note letting her know what I had done for her & offered her help if she needed help keeping up with the cats in the future.

As a respected professional in my industry I have a professional obligation as a pet sitter to look out for the best interest of the animals in my care. I thought long & hard before making my decision & had to do what was best for the cats. Living in their own waste, defecating & urinating wherever they want, or in an over flowing litter box is a very unhealthy & unsanitary condition. On 7/9/2012 I reported the pet owner to the Lake County Dept. of Animal Control stating the cats were very loved by the pet owner, well fed, & have veterinary care as needed. However, there is a cat waste hoarding issue that is unhealthy for myself, her & the cats to be in. I did advise them I took photos of the conditions if they would like to see them. I was told they were not necessary at that time. They would go out & investigate the situation.

Thursday July 19, 2012 I called the Lake County Dept. of Animal Control to follow up & was advised they had not heard back from the pet owner after leaving 2 door hangers notices for her. So it is evident that the pet owner cleaned up the cat waste in her basement before responding to them & letting them in her home 2 weeks later on 7/20/2012.

Yes my actions upset the pet owner & caused me to lose a client. However, I did what was in the best interest of the cats in this case. And the result was the cat waste they were all living in was cleaned up & they have a healthy living environment. I previously offered the owner help & it was not acknowledge, accepted or asked for. I could no longer continue to turn a blind eye after 3 years to what was disgusting, unhealthy & unsanitary living conditions. I have continued to hold on to these photos in case my actions are brought into moral or legal questioning."
Thankfully from the free back I have received her negative reviews have not impacted my business & just made me look like the better pet & animal professional for dong what was in the best interest of the animals. I can't sit back & watch an animal suffer - it not in my nature. But I'm glad she now under the radar of the county who I'm sure will be monitoring her & her cats!


This makes me furious that someone would neglect these two adorable dogs! I want to cry when I see their "before" pictures. Thank God for the people that saved them! I would like to hurt the people who did this to them.

Alvaro Melendez

I thank all the people who have adopted animals from neglect.


i hate wen i see what people do to animals it makes me digusted