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We’ve Got Big News…

Friday, March 15, 2013 - 9:30am
Behavioral Rehab Center St. Hubert's  Animal Welfare Center

Did you hear the ASPCA’s amazing news? Well, it’s true: We’re incredibly excited to be opening the first-ever behavioral rehabilitation center for dogs who have survived animal cruelty but suffer from crippling fear as a result.

The Associated Press wrote:

"People want their dog to be a friend, not afraid.
But sometimes, fear grips dogs so tightly they shake, cower, bite, growl or pee. It can be constant, painful and hard to overcome. Such dread can consume a dog when it's freed from a cage at a puppy mill or hoarder's home because that's the only life the dog has ever known.
Until now, it was up to animal shelters to ease the fears, knowing if they didn't, euthanasia was the likely alternative. But this week, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals opens its Behavioral Rehabilitation Center at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in Madison, N.J.”

We have so much more news to share with you about this thrilling new facility—and how we hope to use it to offer a lifeline to animals across the country—and we’ll bet you’ve got questions. We can’t wait to tell you everything, so stay tuned to for all the details.

In the meantime, read the entire Associated Press story.

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This is amazing. I have a 2 year old pitbull mix who was found in a garage in the winter and he won't go near certain men. I feel like this could really help him and many other dogs who didn't get the love they deserved through puppyhood

Deanna Christian

Happy dance! This is PAWSOME!

I hope EVERYONE emails, writes, and phones their legislators TODAY and demands that the ASPCA take over the licensing and oversight of dog breeders. They CARE, unlike the sadistic USDA agents who have just been caught having their dogs tear to death coyotes already caught in traps and utterly defenseless (and then posting the killing on Facebook).


I hope the findings of this study will become a regular entry in your blog. There are many rescuers out here who could use some expert assistance with our own fearful dogs.