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Wounded Shepherd Mix Gets Second Chance

Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 2:00pm
Scared shepherd

On February 1 on the Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota, as the temperature plummeted to -29 degrees, Tribal Police Chief Kenneth Washington responded to a call about a dog in trouble. A Leech Laker known for her love of animals, Teresa Gunter, had reported a wounded dog, reeling in pain outside in the cold.

When Gunter showed Washington the weak, bloody shepherd mix, he was alarmed: The dog couldn’t even lift his head off his paw. “His eyes were sunken in,” Washington recalls. “I thought he might die.” He knew he had to help.

Two years ago, this story wouldn’t have had a happy ending. But because the Tribal Police go the extra mile for animals and work with a project called Leech Lake Legacy, there was hope. The project transports animals in need from the reservation to shelters and rescues around Minnesota that can provide life-saving veterinary care, rehabilitation and adoption.

This transport project is supported in part through a special ASPCA program that helps cash-strapped municipal animal care agencies move more dogs to safety. In the last six months alone, we’ve helped the Tribal Police get hundreds more dogs to safety.

The night he found the dog—named Nibi—Washington called Leech Lake Legacy right away. The next day he was on a transport to safety.

Today, just over a month after Washington rescued him, Nibi is thriving, getting healthier each day. He greets people enthusiastically and likes to put their fingers in his mouth as his special way of “holding hands.”

Nibi’s story doesn’t make headlines, but it’s one of millions in which the ASPCA is honored to play a role.

You can help us reach more animals like Nibi by making a gift today. You’ll help us be prepared to go wherever animals need us, whenever they need us. We can’t do it without you.

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diane hobson

Thank God my pal is doing better. I am a lover of dogs and it is always nice to hear of happy endings.


I am soooo very happy to hear that Nibi was found and survived the whole terrible ordeal. It always is so comforting to know that good people are out there are helping like in this story of Nibi's. He deserves the headline and a wonderful home with someone that is equally deserving of his companionship.

Barbara Lynn Nuestro

Once again, I am mortified at the cruelty human beings can subject a defenseless animal to. I"m so proud to be an ASPCA supporter. Thank you for saving this beautiful dog.

Patricia Purcell

im so glad that Nibi is doing well. i can't believe that someone would've shot this poor dog and leave him to die. i hope he finds his forever home soon. i know there will not be a shortage of people wanting to adopt him.


Will Nibi be up for adoption? What a wonderful, wonderful boy. Thank you to all who gave him a second chance.

Ronn Bennett

i have lost contact with the dog underground rescue transport

Brenda Tucker

Thank you all for your caring hearts to saving these special beautiful gods animals!! I live in West Virginia and I'm a single woman that has rescued and saved several animals in need also having seven rescues of my own that were all in bad need. I get them vetted ,spayed/neutered and have placed them in great loving 4-ever homes. I would so much love to donate to you all for your service but just doing what I do here limits me to do so!! Where In West Virginia we don't have ASPCA !! I so wish we did because there are so many abuse cases left unaddressed !!! They don't care here so , thank you and I pray you get donations to keep on saving!! I don't ask or get any help with what I do for animals, nor do I charge for adoption fees, I just make sure they only go to safe homes and I do home checks and follow ups!!!

Margaret Heekin

Another example of the extremes of human behavior. Unspeakable cruelty and Amazing Love. Nibi looks so sad and confused. I have rescued three Dobermans and these creatures truly don't understand why they were abandoned...God Bless the healers and helpers.


I live in MN and know sometimes the Indians get a bad rap, but this story just goes to show they have a great love for animals. I'm so proud of them! I hope whoever did this awful thing got caught and punished for it! Our laws are just not strict enough when it comes to animals and their welfare. As the Humane Society says, "We are their voice!".


Thank you so much for all the great work you do for and with all these animals. It so said that any can be so hearless to hurt an animal