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Lily’s Got Cattitude

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 - 3:00pm
sleeping kitten

Becca Adams shared the following story with us about meeting her beloved feline companion Lily at a time when she least expected to adopt a cat.

The story of Lily actually begins 18 years ago, when I met the first love of my life at the SPCA in Virginia Beach, Virginia: a domestic shorthaired cat named Rassa.  For 17 happy years, Rassa was my companion, partner in crime and best friend.  He was diagnosed with cancer in December 2011. We discussed our options with the vet, and decided to make him comfortable for as long as he maintained his quality of life. Never one to enjoy a change of scenery, he seemed to agree. Rassa left us in March of last year, which is when Lily’s story begins.

My husband was out of town on business when I said goodbye to Rassa, so a friend came to stay with me. We stayed active, and during a day trip, she suggested that we stop by the SPCA. I told her I was not ready. The next day she suggested the same thing, and remembering a spring day 17 years earlier, I decided to go, but under no circumstances would I adopt an animal.

The Richmond SPCA is absolutely wonderful.  There are two huge cat playrooms with large tunnels and hiding spaces and, for the more reserved kitties, large, private condos. I walked past Lily twice, thinking what a beautiful cat she was. A predominantly white calico with one blue and one green eye, Lily seemed rather interested in me.  My mom had calico cats and they definitely had a fair share of “cattitude,” so I kept going.

My friend said she’d found the perfect cat for me. Thinking, “yeah, yeah, sure,” and feeling a bit guilty, I agreed to meet this perfect cat. Of course, Lily came prancing into the room. She walked right over to me, jumped in my lap and gave me a healthy head butt in the face. She looked me square in the face and sat down in my lap.

Two hours later, Lily and I were headed home.   

She’s been with us for exactly a year, and has “adopted” two other rescue cats as her babies.  I couldn’t imagine life with another cat a year ago, and now I can’t imagine my life without Lily.

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blue eyed kitten

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Oh, what a gorgeous, sweet pussycat your Lily is. I am so joyful that you found each other, that she found you when your heart was aching for Rassa. In fact, you helped and saved each other. Bless you both. Becca, enjoy your life with your precious Lily.

Jeff Jin

I wish you all the best with Lily. I can relate as my beloved 18 year old Asia passed away this January from liver failure. Right before she became terminally ill, a little stray cat came into our lives. A year ago, I too couldn't imagine life without Asia -- but now I couldn't imagine life without little Anne Shirley.


I love Anne of Green Gables and what a wonderful name for a precious kitty! Had to comment...not many would know Anne girl.


Yes Becca, see how this little bundle of life just fell into yours and helped to heal your heart. Both Lily and Becca, you both are wonderful and I do understand so well how new life heals. May you have happy lives!


I lost my calico, Kelly, 3 years ago (almost to the day) to CRF. A few days after, i decided to go to the local shelter - not expecting to find a friend. A maine coon caught my eye and when I picked her up, she snuggled in. She went home with me that day and helped me greatly with the grieving process. She was not a replacement for Kelly but a new friend. I still miss my special girl but can't imagine life without my crazy, loving Abbie..... Best wishes to you and thank you for adopting!


What a beautiful cat with a great ending. I lost my cats they were twins. When I went to get my cat there was these two one born right after the other. In my hear I know I had to taken them both instead of just the one Simba and Cougar was tere names Simba passed away 2006 from blader and kidney problems and in Oct 2008 I found out Cougar had diagets and passed away Aug 2010 they were just eight weeks old when I got them both. I know what is it to love and lose that special animal in you life. I am so happy for yu that you took Lily home and gave her a great life.

Roinald Barnes

I have taken in many cats and have three at the moment, had to put down an old one last fall a stray we took in 2 years ago. It is just wonderfull these stories of saved animals it makes life worth living which probably will not be much longer for me I am almost 80 and worry about the three I have if my wife and I pass.

Carol Heard

Becca, I am so glad you had a really good friend who was persistent enough to know you could give another sweet kitty a great home. And then, you adopted two more! You have a great heart!! I love to hear such stories because having worked in rescue for over 20 years, it can really get discouraging trying to find really good homes for our little babies. I have 5 cats, I do not recommend that folks get over-catted but sometimes that's just the way it is. I have a beautiful blue seal-point female named "Cloud", a sweet male cat name after his previous owner, "Robert Stachowitz", a black male named Mr. Sanders, another Siamese mix, (was a feral cat in the neighborhood) named Percy, and another tall slant grey and white male with long white stockings, named "Moe". I inherited "Moe" from an elderly lady who had to go into a nursing home. So that is my menagerie plus an Australian Shepherd mix named Noel who endures being loved on, and slept on by seveal of them. They think she is their mother....oh well such is life!

Peggy Plummer-M...

What a wonderful story. For the last 16 yrs we have been blessed with our four Burmese kitties.

We lost two of the four last year, my little MeMe (Marion Elizabeth), and our Simon. Our remaining two are glued to hip at all times. Samson turned 15 in Feb., & Sidney (Simon's litter mate) is almost 17! They r our "fur children' We will most definitely rescue more when the time comes...

I hope that you hv many wonderful years with yr new fur child! Cats r amazing animals and it is a shame that more people don't know that!

Good luck!


Cats know who they want to go home with. Two of mine picked me out and did the same to me - I'm going home with you. Beau died over a year ago. But Winston is now with me. He's a love bug and a Mama's boy. I love him dearly.