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Wounded Shepherd Mix Gets Second Chance

Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 2:00pm
Scared shepherd

On February 1 on the Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota, as the temperature plummeted to -29 degrees, Tribal Police Chief Kenneth Washington responded to a call about a dog in trouble. A Leech Laker known for her love of animals, Teresa Gunter, had reported a wounded dog, reeling in pain outside in the cold.

When Gunter showed Washington the weak, bloody shepherd mix, he was alarmed: The dog couldn’t even lift his head off his paw. “His eyes were sunken in,” Washington recalls. “I thought he might die.” He knew he had to help.

Two years ago, this story wouldn’t have had a happy ending. But because the Tribal Police go the extra mile for animals and work with a project called Leech Lake Legacy, there was hope. The project transports animals in need from the reservation to shelters and rescues around Minnesota that can provide life-saving veterinary care, rehabilitation and adoption.

This transport project is supported in part through a special ASPCA program that helps cash-strapped municipal animal care agencies move more dogs to safety. In the last six months alone, we’ve helped the Tribal Police get hundreds more dogs to safety.

The night he found the dog—named Nibi—Washington called Leech Lake Legacy right away. The next day he was on a transport to safety.

Today, just over a month after Washington rescued him, Nibi is thriving, getting healthier each day. He greets people enthusiastically and likes to put their fingers in his mouth as his special way of “holding hands.”

Nibi’s story doesn’t make headlines, but it’s one of millions in which the ASPCA is honored to play a role.

You can help us reach more animals like Nibi by making a gift today. You’ll help us be prepared to go wherever animals need us, whenever they need us. We can’t do it without you.

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Arlene A

Great! - always nice to know there are people with hearts out there.


Is there any news on the who did this to the helpless dog?

Nancy D.

So sad to read about this injured shepherd mix but glad his story has a happy ending b/c people cared about this injured dog!

Joan kinder

Thank you for all your hard work and wonderful that
Washington survived xxxx


Way to go to all those that helped this most precious puppy dog. My heart goes out to all of you particularly to Nibi, what a darling face. How can anyone hurt these animals. It literally kills me every time I read a story like this. I am so thankful there are more caring and loving people than cruel. This could have been a very sad ending but lucky for him it seems like it will be a very happy ending for him. Coodoos to Nibi, Teresa and Kenneth you are all very wonderful and special!!! YEAH!!!!


I was in tears to read this story. Who could do that to a harmless animal. I am glad he is ok.


This story makes me cry with tears of happiness. This dog is very special. A big thank you for making this happen.

Susan Fanning

So glad he's doing better. That poor baby. So glad there are still good people in the world who don't turn their backs on animals. God Bless those people!

Lynn Selmser

So happy Nibi got the second chance he deserved. My greatest wish is that all animals in need could be rescued and given the love and care they deserve.


Thank God for caring people. Now don't stop until you find the person or persons responsible and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Only then will things improve. Some people are heartless and twisted and deserve major jail time.