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Bronx Dog Fighting Victim Recovers, Finds New Home

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 1:00pm
Bronx Dog Fighting Victim

On the heels of last week’s guilty plea by Raul Sanchez for his involvement in a Bronx-based dog fighting operation, we are thrilled to report that many of the dogs are thriving in their new lives as beloved pets.

In November, we told you a very happy story about Ninja, one of the dogs we rescued and rehabilitated, who found a wonderful forever home. Now we have another heartwarming success story to share: Mona Lisa, who was one of 50 dogs we rescued in June from that dark, dingy Bronx basement, recently went home to a loving family.

Mona now lives with two loving pet parents in a spacious house overlooking 50 mountainside acres, where she takes frequent hikes with her new dog sister, Zelda. Her other favorite activities include snuggling with Zelda by the fireplace and lounging on the couch with her new pet parents.

Mona Lisa’s journey to adoption wasn’t easy. After her rescue, she was transferred to one of our partner shelters, The Animal Support Project, Inc. (TASP) in Cropseyville, New York.

“When Mona arrived at the shelter, she cried and whined like a hyena and was extremely anxious, usually sitting pitifully at the kennel door,” says Melinda Plasse of TASP. But after plenty of attention, care and time to recover, Mona made great progress. “She is outgoing,” Melinda reports, “loves belly rubs, and is kind as can be to children and other animals.”

When we picture Mona Lisa romping around in the woods with her new family, we can’t help but smile. We’re working to make sure that animals nationwide won’t continue to suffer due to the cruel practice of animal fighting. Last week, legislators reintroduced the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, which would make attending an organized animal fight a federal offense and would impose additional penalties for bringing a minor to an animal fight.

Please join us in our efforts by asking your own House representative to support this important humane legislation.

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How can people be so cruel? Don't we all wonder that? And yet - thank God for the rescuers and adopters for their patience and compassion. We must be vigilent to find and report these inhumane people and bring them to justice. Additionally, we need to demand from our state representatives tougher penalties for abuses such as these. Thank you to those people who are willing to be the voice for the innocent animals who cannot speak out for themselves. Happy to hear Mona's story. :)


Thank you for sharing this wonderful article with us. Mona is just darling and what that person did to all those animals makes me sick. God Bless all those wonderful animals and I hope Mona lives a very long and happy life.


They do it because they are ignorant, raised in ignorance and without compassion.

diane stalfiere

Enjoy your new and so so much deserved new life Mona Lisa!! Thank you to her new family that rescued her,you are angels!


What a wonderful story! As a rescue volunteer, I've seen so many horrible cases of abuse and neglect. It's always great to see a happy ending! Enjoy your new life Mona Lisa!


SO happy to hear that Mona Lisa has found a loving forever home!! It disgusts me that people can put innocent animals into these dog fighting rings. I'm just glad that this person was caught and punished--and that these beautiful dogs were rescued from a life of torture. Hopefully all the dogs that were there will end up having a great story like Mona Lisa's!

Shelly Logan

There's a special place in Heaven for anyone who rescues "Fighting" dogs!!!!!


I am disguisted with those who are involved with this cruel way of treating these animals. I am an HUGE advocate and wished everyone would hop on this band wagan and let the people who can make a law that will punish these people more than they are now!! it's sickening and these losers might as well commit a murder since they have no heart what so ever to human living things!!!


This always appalls me that people have so little time on their hands that they feel the need to subject poor animals to such cruelty only for the simple pleasure they seem to derive from this and also for the monies they make for such a disgusting act. They "should" be prosecuted to the full extent.

Martha Waltien

I couldn't stop myself from crying when I read about how so many dogs have found loving homes. Night to day for them. I have the deepest admiration for all of those who adopted them, but also to the ASPCA and selfless workers who saved animals from lives of hell.