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ASPCA Provides Critical Transport: Notes from the Field

Monday, November 14, 2011 - 5:45pm

The ASPCA Animal Relocation Team hit the road this week to help dogs in South Carolina get a second chance at shelters in Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Kristen Limbert, ASPCA Animal Relocation Manager, shares her notes on the operation.

This morning we arrived at A Second Chance Animal Shelter (ASCAS) in Manning, South Carolina. After meeting with the staff, we carefully secured 41 dogs in our transport vehicle and set off on our journey to give these homeless pups a second chance.

Call to Action
The plan actually began a few months ago when the ASPCA Animal Relocation Team was asked to assist ASCAS. The organization was desperate to transport a few of their long-term shelter residents to other areas of the country where they would have a better chance at adoption.

ASCAS’ office manager told us these were great dogs, but some had been at the shelter for years. In Manning, the supply of dogs far exceeds the demand—there just aren’t enough homes for them all.

After months of planning, our team found three rescue organizations that could accept the Manning dogs. Our only task now: to get them there.

And We’re Off!
Saying goodbye is always bittersweet. As sad as it was for the dedicated staff at ASCAS to say goodbye, they knew this transfer would give the animals a new chance at the life they deserve.

We are transporting both puppies and adults, with breeds ranging in size from Chihuahua mix to Rottweiler. Did we mention the hounds? Well, we’ve got lots of them. And I can tell already that they are all sweet, lovable pups. Despite the stress of being walked from the only home many of them had ever known onto a big trailer, they kept tails wagging—I even got a few slobbery kisses.

Our journey will cover about 1,400 miles and take us to the following shelters, without which none of this would be possible:

Capital Area Humane Society, Hilliard, OH
Bay Area Humane Society, Green Bay, WI
Animal Humane Society, Golden Valley, MN

A special thanks as well to Sumter Disaster Animal Response Team out of Bushnell, Florida, for providing the transport rig, and drivers Daniel Hickey and Don Nuckels. We couldn't do this without your help!

Stay tuned for a message from our next stop, in Ohio. We’ll be sure to share some photos with you, too!

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