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Fresh Victory for Puppy Mill Dogs!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 2:30pm
Woman holding black and tan puppy

Last night, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law a bill requiring all commercial dog-breeding facilities to be licensed and inspected—for the first time ever in the state’s history.

Friends, that’s a big step in the right direction for dogs in Ohio, a state known as a haven for puppy mill operators, and where untold numbers of dogs are currently languishing in filthy, barren facilities.

This law is the culmination of more than six years of work by steadfast animal advocates, including the ASPCA and our supporters, and we’re very encouraged to see it signed. “Ohio has taken a critical step,” says Cori Menkin, Senior Director of the ASPCA Puppy Mills Campaign.

Still, the law doesn’t go quite as far as we’d have liked. For one, it doesn’t require commercial breeders to provide breeding dogs with annual veterinary care, which is critical to ensuring the dogs are healthy and safe.

“This is just one of the problems that we weren’t able to fix, but the legislation is still a step in the right direction,” says Vicki Deisner, State Director of ASPCA Government Relations for the Midwest region. “We look forward to working with the Ohio Department of Agriculture to ensure humane standards of care are instituted through the regulatory process.”

We’ve got so much more work to do for puppy mill dogs in Ohio and other states. If you’re ready to join the fight, visit to get started.

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cathy joyce-furtado

I just rescued 2 dogs from a NC. Perhaps the gov of NC needs to do this, too

barbara melton

Pennsylvania's puppy mill business may grow as some choose to leave Ohio. Still find it disturbing that the Dept of Agriculture is over puppy mills...dogs are not livestock.



1. PUPPY MILLS: They should limit the amount of times a Mother Dog giving birth, and maintain a record, To many births can damage the health of the Dogs.
2. SHELTER PETS: Stop killing Shelter Pets.
3. Transfer Shelter Pets out of the KILL state shelters to other NO KILL Shelter. Donations can be distributed to the NO KILL Shelters.

Ronald Winter

I'm so happy to hear the progress in the never ending fight to fix puppy mills!! I had a thought! If I buy a car I can Tess it back to the people who built it through the Vin number! If I buy fire wood the company needs to document where the tree was taken from. If a puppy is sold from a puppy mill why can't we address legislation that it has to be chipped to act like a car bin number to let the new owner be able to trase it back to the puppy mill breeder


I am a Veteran. I support my fellow VETS and to include the K9 HEROS/MILITARY DOGS. Many K9's have served faithfully and loyally to their handlers and to this country. Unfortunately many K9's have also suffered as a result. The K9's should be allowed to retire and to be adopted by their handlers as family pets. You can't break up a good team. The Military Dogs have served this country well, many unfortunately have sacrificed their lives to protect their handlers and fellow soldiers. They deserve respect. Unfortunately thoughs who served in Vietnam were not treated with RESPECT and were left and discarded like garbage. Many were killed off by our enemies in Vietnam. Save our K9 SOLDIERS.

Jen Hermida

This should be done in every state in the US. They should do Missouri and Lancaster PA next. Many puppy mills.

Alan Braslow

Great first step....thank you!

Majed Makooie

Thanks from Canada to Governor John R. Kasich for taking action against puppy mills in Ohio! I hope our officials take similar measures here ....

Tammy Rizer

Can't thank you enough for taking a stand on puppymills. You are these animals hero!!!! Please help OHIO be regulated and that know animal suffer under horrendous conditions in the heat or cold. Thank You so very much. Ms. Tammy Rizer in New Berlin, WI who fights against puppymills.