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Finding a Lost Pet

Thursday, July 5, 2012 - 10:15am

More pets are lost on the Fourth of July than any other time of year. It’s a heartbreaking scenario for pet parents, but swift action and major networking can increase the odds that you will be reunited with your cat or dog.

We recently surveyed more than 1,000 households with pets across the country to find out if they had lost a dog or cat in the past five years—and if they did, did they find that pet and where did they look?

Of those pet guardians surveyed, 15 percent had lost a dog or a cat in the past five years, and 85 percent of those lost dogs and cats were recovered.

The study's findings suggest the following are key when recovering a lost pet:

  • Searching immediately when one knows the pet is lost;
  • Searching within the neighborhood first through visual searches as well as posters and online; and
  • Checking local shelters from the first day your pet is lost.

If your pet is lost, it’s important not to panic. Enlist the help of all of your friends and neighbors and hit the streets! Read our extended article on Finding a Lost Pet for more information and helpful hints.

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The absolutely best advice!

Leslie Sanford

Take advantage of any free offers (or paid, if you can afford it) to broadcast lost pet info on local radio stations and to post a classified ad in your local newspaper. And use FaceBook! Post on your page and any of your local friends' pages.

A W Howell

For cats or dogs, leave a favorite treat in and around the home. For cats I always make canned food noises, (tapping a can, or opening one). For dogs squeaky toy sounds can be enticing.

Cindy DeLaurentis

There are wonderful apps for intertaining cats on iTunes, one being the sounds of opening cans of cat food, the popping of lids, the shaking of cat treats. These apps would be great to help find your lost cat as you walk,drive,around neighborhoods with the volume turned up high, better yet connected to your cars radio to really blast the sound! Night time is the best time to look for your missing cat as they are nighttime roamers. Take your flashlight and beam it into and around fields attracting the moving eyes of your cat. Keep calling your cats name as you do this. I have found my lost cats by doing this,


Get in your car an drive slow while calling for your pet. My dogs love riding in cars and when they escaped out the front door my husband got in the car and when they saw us they came running to go for a ride


While walking and driving around to search for your pet be sure to listen for other barking dogs. It's possible they are barking because they are seeing a "strange" dog. I found a friend's dog this way once.

Kristina Wright

Check out website.

Jan N.

just want to check re: the website; think one letter is wrong perhaps. You have it as
Wouldn't it be
I think in yours, it is missing one t


Contact local rescue groups that work in the area - even when they rescue different type of animals. Cat rescue groups often include people who feed colonies and strays around neighborhoods. These are people who will notice when a strange cat OR dog is around and if your pet is lost and hungry, they'll tend to gravitate to where these people are feeding. These are also people who trap animals in order to get them sterilized and a lost pet could easily end up in one of their traps.

Don't give up on a lost pet for weeks. For cats especially, keep calling them early in the morning (around 6am or earlier) and late in the evenings (after 9pm) when things are quieter. They are more likely to emerge from where they're hiding when people aren't around and since it's quieter around these times, you'll be able to hear a meow responding to your calls.

Barb Gray

Best way possible is to Micro-chip your dog. With the Micro-chip you can usually purchase a lifetime license as well. Next best thing, call the shelter-radio station and never quit looking for you friend and companion.