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Barknado Takes Country By Storm

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 12:45pm
Barknado Takes Country By Storm

By now, you’ve heard of the SyFy channel’s cult classics Sharknado and Sharknado 2. Now the ASPCA is coming at you with our own cinematic masterpiece: Barknado is coming! The forecast includes the cutest storm of the century with a heavy chance of adoptable dogs landing at your feet.

The only way to stop to adopt it! Watch the trailer for Barknado.

We’re releasing Barknado in advance of Bark Week (August 4-9), when we’ll go all out to promote some of our most furiously adorable, adoptable dogs. Stay tuned to for all the cute.

Barknado is fun and games, but the sad truth is that more than 7 million cats and dogs enter animal shelters each year. Help us rescue more homeless pets by pledging always to make pet adoption your first option and spread the word to your friends by sharing the Barknado trailer on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #barknado. 

Barknado Takes Country By Storm

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Very cute video, and much more entertaining than the two stupid SiFi channel movies!


As much as I loved the original, Sharknado 2 was even better! You Are missing out! Although the barknado is much less "bitey" which is also very nice...


Very Very Cute! Great ad ! I am an ASPCA member and proud to be part of such a great organization.


It's refreshing to have a piece such as this to share....which contrasts the "Wings of An Angel" genre of the sad pup waiting in a cold, dirty cage
...BOTH have their utility, but I believe various approaches will reach more ears.

S. O. Rooney

Thanks for your comment, Gloria. I completely agree. When I look at this video it gives me a much more positive feel about adopting - even a dog! It makes it fun and welcoming as well as something to do to help in a sad situation.


Yes! The more positive you make adopting seem the more encouraged people will be and enthusiastic about adopting. Thank you for that Gloria :)

S. O. Rooney

I'm a cat lover (though I love all animals, of course) and even I think it is cute! Really cute! Think I'll watch it again...


Very Cute!


Very cute and Barbara I betcha you watched both Sharknado movies! They are fun movies!


They we right. I said 'Awwwwwwwwww'